#114 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "SAFE, POSITIVE, HEALING RELAXATION" - (Jason Newland) (9th April 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. Just to let you know that you can also listen to this podcast on our website, without adverts at the beginning, and on continuous play. It's in the menu on our website. And the other all of my main podcasts are on there that you can do that with. Also, all of my recordings are on my website as well. You can also download this for free and streaming for free as well. So that's it. So sitting in my garden shed in my bedroom, is my studio, my recording studio. On the sounds of it, Andres scratching at the living room door, which is a little bit annoying. But hey, this is normal for whenever I start to do with these recordings, he suddenly pops up and becomes awake. As you might have noticed in previous recordings, so luckily, it should be fairly quiet. And I'm going to do two versions of this recording. One will be like this without music. One will be with music, because this is going to be a relaxation session. So I'm not just going to be talking about a subject, she's going to be a relaxation we called him. So I hope that that's useful. And part of the reason I'm doing this, but apart from this what I do, but
I finished definitely a need at the moment. For more. For more relaxation. I feel it myself, that's I actually need it myself. So I'm sure other people also would benefit or can benefit. So that's what this is, I won't waffle on too much. Although I will be continuing to waffle because that's what the
what I do in these recordings base, a different type of waffling is going to be focusing on your physical comfort. So that's what I'm going to be doing. And the recording. I'm not sure how long this recording will last but maybe half an hour to one we music will last about 15 minutes, because the music will continue playing
afterwards. And that's it. And I'm hoping to up my game a little bit and make more regular daily
recordings for this podcast. Because in some ways, this is possibly the most important podcast of all of them at the moment with the you know with the world as it is in 2020 April. Relaxation is possibly at the top of the list and it's just a personal thing, but I think because maybe huge amounts of people now are having anxiety and stress because of the situations been happening. Those people deal with it. Deal with anxiety, panic and stress during society's good times, or, you know, flourishing times when everything see It's okay. To the majority of the public. Often they kind of get forget forgotten a little bit, a little bit lost in the crowd. So I want to let you know that you're not lost in the crowd here. And also the everybody's welcome. So this isn't just for people that had long term issues with stress or anxiety, like myself. It's for everybody that could benefit from feeling relaxed. So maybe you can share this online, let other people know about this free service. If it helps you, it might help others you never know. Might not they might hate it. So it's a double. If you send it someone you don't like first. And then it helps them know their mind. If it doesn't, you just annoy them. joking, I'm joking. So, so I'd like you get yourself calm. And you might think, Well, no, you get me calm Jason, as one listen to you. Okay, get myself calm, I wouldn't need to listen to this. Which isn't really true. Because we can calm down. There are ways of calming down even little things like taking your shoes off,
taking your socks off. Laying down on a bed. It gives that signal of calmness to your body to your nervous system, I guess to your brain to know that there's been a change, and that changes change of comfort.
See, you can go from it's kind of the opposite, I guess to run in for a bus. Because you see, I saw might see a bus and I realize oh, it's gonna take off about run before you know before it leaves the bus stop. That's a signal to your nervous system. To have stress and to have energy to kickstart that adrenaline system to give you the to send that I guess the fat reserves burned into energy so you can run for that bus.
gives you an idea how how much and how about biology but you know it's a basic,
very basic explanation. This would be kind of the opposite of that. So sitting on your chair or sitting on your bed side of your bed,
taking off your shoes, taking off your socks maybe if you've got a tight top on taking the tight top off so that your shoulders can just feel relaxed because I know that for some people I'm not talking about myself here. But for some people that might be fashion. wear tight clothes is a good thing maybe you know someone who works out in the gym and really pleased with their body they want to show it off and wear tight clothes. But when you're at home, there's no one else around. Just take the take the T shirt off the tight t shirt or tight jumper. A tight jacket. Just notice how it feels when your shoulders and your chest can relax.
Maybe take your jeans off if you were in jeans. I hadn't worn jeans since I was about 10 I have been off for a long time. But that you know me sometimes I used to wear jeans and I take them off and it'd be a mark around my stomach where the jeans have been too tight. And that complete relief of like just feels nice. It's a small feeling but it's a nice feeling. could be something as simple as just putting your hands underneath the elastic of your underpants or underwear and just lift in the elastic a little bit
and lend some air onto your admin abdomen. Just you know giving yourself this a little bit of pleasure.
It's those little things that gives, it's a trigger to your brain. To relax, it's almost like you're saying to your brain, this is the beginning of what we're going to be doing next. Just like when you're about to run for the bus, you're telling your body and your brain, I'm now going to be running.
whenever I'd run for a bus, a few cans have fallen over, actually. But when I get to the bus, I'll be honest with you, I don't feel relaxed, it takes a while for me to calm down. Because I've given myself almost like a command, or very least a request. Or maybe a warning even that this is what's going to be happening and I'm not sure how long it's gonna be happening for.
So when you do just maybe lie down on your bed, or lie back in a chair, comfortable chair supports your body. So if he was to fall asleep, your body would be supported, you wouldn't fall out of it. So it's always a good idea not to listen to relaxation stuff on a stall or somewhere that doesn't support your body completely.
And that feeling of comfort, the initial feeling of comfort that you experience when you've been maybe stand on your on your feet all day, or maybe just for a short while, but long enough to appreciate the relaxed sensation that you experience when you do sit down. Taking the weight off your feet and your legs and your hips.
resting your hands and your arms. Maybe on the sides of the chair or maybe on your lap. And in that moment, this sensation, this really pleasurable maybe if not connected with feeling relaxed, even though in that moment you are feeling relaxed. When you actually focus on that feeling. And that's the only thing that you're focusing on. Something starts to change. Because that initial feeling that maybe that seemed quite small to start with starts to grow starts to expand. Which is it's nice when it happens to a to a pleasant feeling.
Of course it's quite horrible. Maybe when it happens to an unpleasant feeling, maybe stress or anxiety. And, you know, the same kind of thing could happen there. When you focus too much on one thing. It can sometimes expand and become bigger than what actually really is. We're not merely is just a feeling. Just a feeling.
Just an experience a physical emotional sensation. They may start to wonder about this pleasant feeling. Is it physical? Or is it emotional? Because there seems to be a little bit of wanting to
maybe like separate the two, whatever, either it's physical or it's emotional. But we all know that how you feel physically affects how you feel emotionally. And in the same way, how you feel emotionally affects how you feel physically.
So the lines become a little bit blurred as to what is physical and what is emotional. And, you know,
it is kind of weird, I guess how it mixes together. But then feelings, emotions. Even if it's physical, it's still created by the brain.
Feelings are always changing. For example, someone has a chronic pain issue. The more relaxed, they get more relaxed, they feel emotionally, in their mind,
the more relaxed off you're physically. Which means those pain levels will reduce. Because the feelings are always changing, always changing. Moving around, almost like clouds in the sky was a full moon last night, big pink moon or something.
And the clouds just going past. But no matter how many clouds there were, that moon was shining right through them.
The clouds didn't stand a chance. Something about the power of that moon. Because I think it was the closest to the that it gets in a year, you know, during the year. And it was so bright. To start there, activation of calmness and relaxation. Even though it may have started off as a small feeling of just lying down on your bed or taking your socks off
or taking your bra or for your shoes, or it could be something just simple. This activates the sense of calmness in your body, which then stimulates your brain to prepare to feel relaxed. Nice, that's why sports people rehearse what they're going to do. And they prepare for what they're going to do for the particular sporting activity. So when they turn up at some big sporting event, let's say the Olympic Games, for example. And that 100 meter, dash, race. All those people standing there, getting ready to kneel down to do the race. They're prepared every fiber of their being prepared to run
for the next 10 seconds. That's up that practice is exactly the same thing that occurs with relaxation. It's just practice.
The benefit is you don't need sponsorship to pay for relaxing, because it's free. Don't need to attend any big events, to compete with people for relaxing, because there is no competition. It's a personal thing you might be the best relaxer in the whole world. And you're never going to know. Because people don't compete in that way. You have the ability to be as good as anybody else. Am I say good. What I mean is to be able to relax as deeply as the next person. Relaxing is quiet. It's the opposite of doing the complete opposite of doing something it's almost kind of unlearning of that mentality of I've got to do something, I've got to be busy, I'll be putting effort in as the opposite to what's needed with relaxing other than to give yourself the time. Maybe there's effort involved in set out. You know, the time to listen to this, maybe days, takes a little bit FLR can't be bothered I got I got reach over and press the play button. Maybe Maybe it's difficult, maybe, you know, realistically finding the time. But not really effort. As far as there's no physical effort. Generally. Maybe for people with physical issues, there may be the physical effort of moving from one room to another, maybe move it into a chair that they can
comfortably comfortably feel relaxed in. So it might be some physical effort from that angle. But once you're actually sitting in your chair, you're comfortable chair,
lying down in a comfortable bed. There is no effort involved. There is nothing needed. It's about allowing what naturally occurs to just do its thing. almost almost sounds too easy. Wow, can it just be that simple? And I suppose part of the reason maybe we may think that way. Is because making things complicated is the human way. Seems to be we have to make things really complicated for ourselves.
When sometimes it's not needed. Things like sleeping, relaxing, going to the toilet, digesting food. Those things are just things that were born with the ability to do those things. Sleep Nzz. When you put the food and chew up and swallow it, your digestive system, your body does the rest. Basically. When you breathe your lungs and your heart do the rest.
When you lie down, Sit in a comfortable chair. Your body in your mind does the rest or doesn't do anything. In a way.
It's about letting go but also given That power back to yourself to not needing to be in control of everything that happens or everything that you feel
might not be the case for everyone. But I think it's quite natural to want to be at the very least observing and maybe questioning. In this situation, there's no question and needed, because you're just allowing those natural processes of relaxation to occur very easily. Very simply. That's quite a nice, quite a nice experience really. And you think about it as time definitely takes the pressure off, because you don't have to do anything, to have to say anything, don't have to see anyone and have to write anything down. Don't have to remember anything. don't have to do anything. Just allow those feelings to occur naturally. When you do, focus on that feeling of calmness in your mind. And you just observe expanding the feed in your body of comfort, as that also expands. Eventually, they seem to join together covering your entire body and fill in your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Moving down your spine, almost as if it moves out of your body, creating a safe womb like space where you are so safe and relaxed and calm, safe to let go completely
safe to let go. Completely nothing to do or say. That just feels nice. To be completely free to be you. Now the feeling of relaxation just seem to grow. Along with that sensation of safety and positivity towards yourself is growing with every second almost like you're having a transfusion of positive energy and healing.
checked it into your body spreading throughout all of your veins in every part of your body. Feeling your hands your feet with positive healing. Feeling your legs and your arms with that positive healing fit in your hips, your back stomach and chest with that positive either your shoulders your neck, face and head filled with positive
healing As it moves into your brain, fill in your brain completely with positive, healing, filled safety feeling no brain, your mind with a sense of safety.
Feeling so safe suddenly looked after knowing the everything to look forward to the future, including more and more relaxation. Good times ahead. As you look through the lenses of safety, positive healing, you can almost see future. And it doesn't matter what's there. It's about the feeling the incredibly positive feeling that you now experience not just towards how you feel now, also towards a future that hasn't yet happened. You can just spread that feeling almost as if it was coming out of a hose pipe be hose pipes brain, that safe, positive healing into the future.
Maybe it has a color, maybe there's a sound, maybe a sparkles. Just allow it to just spread all the way into the future. He making it so safe, full of positivity. And healing safe positivity. Even though it's spraying out into the future
is becoming stronger inside you. Stronger inside you sort of overflows out of the top of your head and traveling down your back onto the floor and just starting to spread back into the past. Changing feelings of the past into safe, positive heathen, just spreading back into the past. Even though you're here now not concerned with the past or the future, being aware of the incredible feeling of comfort that you can enjoy in this moment. something quite special about knowing that you're facing towards where you're going to be moving towards the future. And that future is colored by that safe, positive healing energy and that overflow of increase in healing energy safety that's within you, your body, your mind and your brain is overflowing and moving into the past, changing and healing the past. So the things that used to bother you are now starting to change. So most like spring so flowers blossom, landscape changes And healing takes place without need and your attention because you're here now enjoying the sense of relaxation, even though that safe positive, relaxing energy is being transported forward into the future, preparing you for a wonderful life ahead.
Starting for when this recording ends and while you're listening to this recording that experience of comfort and safety real real energy in that safety, security that knowing that you're going to be okay done knowing the and the belief that you are okay.
The realization that you will always get through whatever life throws at you
can learn, you can enjoy looking forward to each new day with a sense of anticipation of this safe, positive relaxation that's now spreading for your body. So my size everywhere in the future. So wherever you walk, wherever you touch, you'll be touching positive, safe energy, healing energy.
Whenever you think of the past, it feels different, feels safer. Those things that were unpleasant, and now I've gone forever. Those things that were beautiful and pleasant. They've also overbit
maybe they shine a bit more brighter than they used to. Allowing you to have more with those feelings whenever you choose to experience incredible levels of comfort and relaxation throughout your body and mind. Just feel so nice. For many thing else it feels really pleasurable to just let go. Just let go. I'm gonna bring this recording to an end. If you're listening with music, it will still continue with the music for another
1015 minutes. Before we go I just want you to remember that not only can you re experience or maybe even have a stronger positive response of deep relaxing, healing, positive positivity covered in safety whenever you listen to this recording whenever you hear my voice in the future with her on future recordings or previous recordings
can stimulate that feed in within you of safety. calmness, positivity. State healing spreads through your body and your mind and your brain just fills up with that positivity. feels so nice, really does feel nice. And if you want to come back, wake up if you fallen asleep or if you wanted to open your eyes. Of course you can all count to
one to five. But if you choose you can just keep your eyes closed, they're closed. If you want to, you can just drift off to sleep if you haven't already done so.
Or maybe you'd like to just if you're listening to the version with the music, just listen to the music. It's completely up to you. You're the boss, you're in charge.
You can enjoy theater and relax relaxed. I'm just gonna count from one to five. I want to get to five if you wish to. You can open your eyes but won't ask you to.
I'll just save five and then a few seconds and then stop the recording or stop talking. whichever comes first. Now remember to be kind to yourself, because you do deserve to be happy. Do something nice for yourself every day want to three, four, keep in all this relaxation and safety within your body and mind. Keeping it with you holding on to still allowing it to be there because that safe. Positive relaxation is you you're not separate from it. You are it? You are safety. You are positivity. You are relaxation. And you are healing five

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