#113 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "IT'S BEEN EMOTIONAL" - (Jason Newland) (31st March 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. If you'd like to support this free service you can go to paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland, the links on our website so was going to say oh yeah also on the website there's a page in the.in the menu and you can listen to the four main podcast I have advert free and continuous so that you press play on the first one in opens tenuously play each one without adverts this podcast on their deep sleep whisper hypnosis let me Boyd asleep and weekly sleep hypnosis or sleep hypnosis weekly.
I think it's called Rashid Khan and know what my podcast called great Andres popped out to do we are now he's gone back to sleep.
Which is nice. Let's come back to sleep. So part of me wants to have a big moan just a big grant and a big moan and just complain
so and so I'm not going to buy made just got me thinking. In this particular time, I'm not going to ignore the situation is going on at the moment. This recordings the 31st of March 2020, where the whole world is kind of going on lockdown because of the coronavirus epidemic,
or pandemic or wherever you want to call it. So since I last made a recording I've actually found myself in a couple of situations where I've really
not lost my temper. But being very left less than patient should I maybe Yeah, less than patient. And the more this is going on, the more this stuff is it has started to get to me. And maybe this recording could be useful for people to also feel in a similar way and might be useful to realize that
you're not the only ones that are feeling this way. And maybe also to not feel guilty for feeling this way. So I've noticed I've been annoyed at things that perhaps I wouldn't normally be annoyed that
and I fell down the stairs yesterday or the day before only the bottom two steps you know kind of missed the step. And I had Andre underneath my jacket is my boys My son is a ferret but he's you know had him under my jacket. And I fell down landed on my knee and then ended up on my back because basically miss my foot in but I did fall down. didn't hit my head or anything. Bash my arm and my chest a bit and you know, money's The reason I'm talking about this is because I want to tell someone about it. And I'm looking for sympathy.
Also I started thinking what would I do? If this was serious. This was a serious situation. And I injured myself off figured if I'd broken my arm or if it was fairly
something that needed medical attention, but not like life. Death situation, then I get a taxi to the hospital.
Then what if I didn't have enough money to get a taxi is kind of impossible walk. It's gotta be at least three hours walk is a long, long, long, long way. It's not impossible, it's doable. But to do that in like good
physical health would be a task but to do with a broken arm would be identified physically be able to do it. Anyway, the point where the reason I'm mentioning this is there's the whole thing about this, the guilt trip does be important to the public about not using the NHS, unless it's like a severe emergency, telling people that actually even in an emergency, you possibly won't get seen because priority goes to Coronavirus patients and you know, is this the fear is something that I don't know how to maybe express it nicely, but it's almost like the TV news people are really enjoying creating and extending and increasing the fear in people don't think they realize perhaps Firstly, how it's affecting the average person. That's, you know, generally,
physically and mentally, okay. And also, how's it affecting someone that's dealing with anxiety, or, you know, some other mental health issue?
To have this bombardment is, it's hard, it's hard. And I suppose that's what I wanted to talk about.
I'm not necessarily going to give a solution. I don't have an antidote for the pandemic. That's the solution. I suppose another solution would be to stop watching the news as much. However, we can't really stop watching the news altogether. Otherwise, we won't know what the latest rules are. As far as social distancing, and when are we allowed to go out? How much are we allowed to buy? You know, those kind of things? To someone that never reads the newspapers or never watches the news. They might be just wandering around. Like they normally do, completely unaware of what's going on. Especially if they're solitary, and they don't like to speak to anyone. My can't imagine a situation. It seems like quite an unrealistic situation, that someone would not know what's going on. But you know, I've had little experiments in the past where I've not watched the news for two weeks. I don't read newspapers. Anyway. I get my news from the internet. So I didn't look at the Internet. None of the news. Didn't go on Facebook, Twitter, just for two weeks. And people were saying to me now after two weeks I watch the news and so I'll be talking about something that happened 10 days ago
we thought about talking about the plane crash or plane crash what the huge plane crash that happened. Who's in all it was like constant on the news for about six days. All over talking about
No, didn't hear about parmie felt a little bit. Maybe a little bit embarrassed, you know? But then I thought you know what, I've just managed managed to avoid and sidetrack or jump over that little hurdle or underneath
all of that stuff. All of that. And it is negative. So it might be factual. But it's not positive as it is. It's not always something that we need to hear about either. Doesn't mean it's not as valid. But I don't want to know everything that's happening in every single country. And with the internet, we can kind of find out. But sometimes I do want to know everything that's happening in every country. So it's, you know what doing. So how to deal with what's going on. And this may well be a complete duplication of a previous recording I've done. And if that's the case, I do apologize. And I will repeat myself at times anyway. But I don't necessarily remember what I've said in previous recordings. That's why I put a title now on the recording. So I kind of have an inkling. I think the last recording was titled, this is temporary or something like that. Remember, this is temporary. So I was in a shop the other day and the lady always do my best to socially keep a distance. And the woman on the counter serving me was rude to me twice, once about standing spots when I would have been too close to the people behind me. And I said, No, I need to I'm keeping in the middle between the two people. I said if you're going to moan moan at him, because he was too close to me. And then she mind that I was buying too much water. So I had six bottles of water. I'd already mentioned it to one of our staff members. The shop was practically empty. And they had loads of stock coming in. And most people stopped going to shops because they've been warned not to go out unless it so they kind of have to and she started having a go me for that. There's a limit of two bowls. Okay. Put your up with a fullback. You know, it wasn't that bothered. I only went in there because I'd forgot I'd left something in there for the day before my prescriptions, but I got and they didn't have any water the day before. So that's why I got it. And she was all huffy. No, you take you there. But this next time, I said to you are very monix today. And I kind of I was trying not to be rude. But I wanted to be rude. And the thing is in my heart I've actually got a lot of time for people who are working retail. I know it's a hard job. When it's busy. It can be a really boring job when it's quiet. And at Christmas, you know times like the highs absolute nightmare. And the last few weeks has been like Christmas Eve every single day nonstop. So it must have been horrible for people working in retail. But at the same time I want in mind that. So I left the shop and I felt guilty. I was annoyed but I was also guilty because on the part I'm thinking she's quite a kind of heroes in a way they're doing something that most of us wouldn't want to do at this time. And probably majority people wouldn't want to do at all due to the low wages or because they wouldn't want to do that kind of job. Maybe I have done that kind of job. I know that it can be difficult.
So kind of you know, there's that part of me thinking you know, I got a lot of respect for people are working in shops. People are delivering stuff in lorries. People, especially those that have to have face to face contact with the public, one after another, hundreds and 1000s of people maybe in a day, they shouldn't really have to go through that. I know we all have to eat and stuff, but
it almost doesn't seem fair. To me is like you should get extra staff in
if you can, and have them on the table for maybe an hour each. And then the rest of the day doing something else. But you know, I don't run the business, I can't have that kind of control. But I've worked in retail when they did used to do that. never wanted to have more than our Christmas time, because it's too much, too much. So that chronic sense of feeling guilty, but more so angry. Very weird kind of mixture of emotions. Because I wasn't rude. I wasn't swearing. I wasn't shouting. I wasn't name calling. But probably my tone of voice wasn't so great. I pulled her up. And when she said I got a colleague over. I said, What didn't you said it was okay for me get these waters? Yes, fine. I explained to her while we're standing on the spot, which was on the ground, saying I'm not standing here because that man is put about two feet away from me. And then I felt guilty towards the man afterwards, because he was not elderly, but he was probably in his 60s. And a star thinking I must look like a proper answer right now. I don't want to. But all these people queuing are really close to each other. And she was aiming at me. So that I can't have that. It's just it's this part of my brain doesn't allow it. I don't mind if I'm wrong, for done something. Or stood out not in mind, even if I'm wrong. So that was a weird situation. I've just, I don't on a solitary person. I spend most of my time at home. I'm up all night, make recordings. Have you watched some TV and movies or ever work on a website, listen to the radio. But my nighttime that's when I work. I know it's not paid work. But you know, it's when I do do my thing. Daytime, my sleep don't go out very often. I might take Andrea for a walk once a day. Maybe go to the garriage couple of times a week or I try to avoid the garbage because I don't like and try and make sure I've got enough food in for the week. So I don't have to sort of keep going out. So I don't necessarily want to go to go out being told that I can't go out. Or the I can only go out for an emergency or for to buy essential foods or to go to the pharmacy or to go into exercise. Just once a day. It bugs me. I'm being honest. It's not that I don't care about the reason for it. Understand the reason for it. In fact, if I was in charge d i would be stricter. That's where the the weirdness comes in is I would be way stricter than the way it is now.
But I'm not a charge. And I don't want people telling me what to do.
And now that I'm not allowed to go out whenever I want. All I want to do is go out. The weather's getting nice bit cold tonight but during the day it's bright, spring time to Andre for a long walk the other day. I think it was Sunday. Bye was the first time out all weekend. And so that was fine. But I want to take him out and he wants to go out and I want to just be able to do what I want. And I know that that's what everyone wants to do is not unique to me. But I don't normally want to do that normally want to do that. And my German issue, I've always had a German issue for as long as I remember. You know, I'd never drink out of the same ball or same Can someone else or just disgusted me the idea of, generally, or share a toothbrush, which is kind of weird considering the person I was showing the toothbrush with. College shouldn't really be bothered about sharing a toothbrush or considering by still, it just feels gross. When I get home, from being on the bus, always wash my hands. Because I think you know, beings holding on to the bus handle, you know, just there's people there that probably haven't washed their hands and stuff. Generally, I feel that way. I saw I was coughing or sneezing or sniffing are trying, you know, I keep away from them. I don't want to do any near anyone that so that's my normal state of being. So now it's it's increased, but it hasn't increased in a level of my not wanting to be around people. The concern of getting ill. But from the other angle is, logically I know that I'm not around anybody. And there's less chance of catching anything when people aren't going out. So when I go to the garage, and I touch the door going in, there's way less people touching that door handle than they would normally be. When I go on the bus and touch the sit down and touch the you know, the seat cover or the push the button on the buzzer with my knuckles and never do my fingertip anyway. There might have been no one that's touched that all day because the buses are basically empty most of the time now. Where I live. So I have that it's just that often emotions are coming in. I'm starting to get angry with other people who aren't following the rules. Yeah, I know people still visiting each other, going at each other's houses, still walking around going to different places, visiting parents stuff like that. And really winds me up. It really does. And I keep it in because I'm in no position to tell anyone else what to do. And if I was in a position to have someone to visit, so if I lived here and my parents lived, I don't know, to two blocks away or five minute walk. I'm not supposed to go there and see them. Both that stopped me realistically. Especially before you know the chance of getting some big inheritance. So No, I'm joking. But I I possibly would. I don't know. But it annoys me whenever people do things, even sometimes in these situations, even when I might do it myself.
So this is real conflict going on at the moment, getting angry at myself. For the things I'm thinking about other people and even the proof the experts don't seem to know what they're talking about half the time, they just one says one thing and other says another thing. And they're saying the, the this this, this gets me I follow the stats. And again, shouldn't do it because it's not helpful. But sometimes maybe being informed is better than not being informed. Maybe you know, I'm not an expert, I'm not a doctor. I'm no one physicist, whoever, there's needed to find an antidote for these diseases. But the stats are very simple. So work out an expert on this, it's all 1% of people have caught it have died. So I only got 1%. mortality. And I'm thinking, Okay, first of all, that's not true. Straight away, it's not true. Because everybody that's no longer got it. Out of those people, 19% are dead. So the people have no longer got it are those that have recovered, and those that haven't recovered? 19% haven't recovered. Out of the ones where the cases are closed? You know, that's the ones that don't have it anymore. are the ones that do still have? If you look at how many people have passed away, and those people that are still got it? Yeah, is a much lower percentage. But the real stats, you look at how many people have not got it anymore, which is those people that have recovered and those people didn't recover. 19% didn't recover. Out of the ones have closed those closed cases. I'm not saying that as a lie, do me Do me. Do me Do me. But like all kind of negative, but factual. And it's it's a scary fact. But also, it makes you think, why do they on one side, try and scare the hell out of everyone continuously on the news. And practically every single program that seems to be on telly, is all it is talking about? Yeah, when it comes to the actual statistics, they don't tell the truth.
And I know that the website I go on, which gives us statistics of every single country who reveal, you know, course not every country is going to reveal the truth. But every country that reveals this, the statistics of those have got it. How many people got it today? How many people have been tested? How many people have recovered how many people are seriously or how many people have passed away. I've got those stats for every single country. And then I've got the overall stats. So for me, I'm looking at and thinking, well, I've got the truth here. And all the other stats they're given. Every time they say the amount I look at the website is exactly the same amount of people for each country. They talk about USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, UK, of course, Australia. So they talk about the countries it's always exactly the same stats, but not the overall 19%. And that's a wonder why? because, um, I've never been maths, maths was my my worst subject of all. I was even worse at maths and I wasn't speaking French. And no, like two words in French. Our ex girlfriend used to say to me, just keeps just reciting laughter or whatnot is true on a three word unpredict pinnae on her own petite Penny, so I never really know what she's talking about. Mathematics wasn't my thing. Even I can see that that's the actual statics, statics, statistics. And then someone else said to me today, what will be will be if I get it, I get it. No, that's not how the world works. Yeah, the world is random. Of course, you know, is is a random life that we lead live, we live in certain aspects. But I'm never going to get hit by a train if I stay in my flat for the rest of my life. If I never go near a railway track, I'm never gonna get hit by a train. Regardless, whoever, you know, what will be will be, you know, is supposed to happen. All that stuff, all those cliches. So I find that a little bit scary. When someone almost doesn't care. They're just given up any kind of control over their own life. Oh, if it happens, it happens for mind. Yeah, actually, I care about you and I don't want you to catch it and get ill or worse see, so it does matter. So that's that's annoyed me some the blahs ins the arrogance may be of all the non caring or complete cavalier attitude that some people have met or talked to have given like our dozen or more why nkoranza me all that worse. You know, just the kind of complete non either I, I finish suffered, we said for being one this huge amount to be said for being positive. And let's face it, if a positive immune system stronger, so for those who aren't fortunate to catch an illness, the immune system will be stronger and they're more likely to recover quicker if they're a positive person, and outlook is positive on a daily basis. So the more positive someone is, the more likely they will have a stronger immune system. And that's not always the case. I know someone is very, very positive person, but he's got lupus.
His immune system is practically non existent. But he's a happier person, because he's positive. But right now he'll have to keep away from everybody. So if he was positive, what will be will be and you know, he just carries on normal and past visits people friends, he's putting himself in serious, serious risk. And you'd have to be pretty much really dumb to do that. So being positive isn't the cure for everything is a hell of a lot better than being negative all the time. And I realized this recording might come across as negative is supposed to come across as honest and maybe you have a similar kind of feelings and going back to the fall of data stairs, but I started to feel guilty even though I didn't call for an ambulance or ask for help or go to the accident and emergency wards the hospital I felt guilty the idea of doing it because other people you know the nurses are so overworked anyway. doctors nurses the cleaners do receptionists people working in the canteens? You know every single job in the hospitals are busy. They're very busy people. At the moment, it's such a different level. I keep hearing and and they're not being looked after. So that's got me as really annoyed me as kind of upset me emotionally. The fact that they're not being looked after. I've had I've had a few friends that have been nurses. And to like them to be fair, but are just as important. And they're not they should be tested. So that's me I can't go on or wonder why they're not being tested. They have to be tested not on if it's a has to be, they should be the first people are being tested. If you're a carer, the first person you look after is yourself. If you're a firefighter, the first person you look for you look after is yourself. You have to make sure that you're safe. Otherwise, you can't help other people. So it'd be no point me being a lifeguard because I can't swim, or know very well. So if I jumped into a river, fully clothed, to save someone that's falling into a river, I'm of no use to them. Really, I first will not put myself first because I'm very likely to drown. Secondly, I'm likely to try and hold on to them, so that I don't drown and probably pull them down with me. So nurses need to take care of themselves first. So they can continue to work, but they're not getting the equipment and not getting the you know, the tests. Anyway. That's one side of it. So there's the compassionate, like the heroes side. But then the other side kicks in. Why do we keep being put on a guilt trip about hospitals, the NHS? In England, we have an NHS you might have the same thing, similar things in other countries. For years, there's been a guilt trip on the general public for wasting resources for bed blocking, can you believe such a title as bed blocking? Which basically means someone is unwell is using up a bed in a hospital. Which pretty sure that's what the hospital beds were kind of created for. And it was the idea at the start calling someone that's poorly unwell, maybe elderly, or whatever reason they're there to call something like that a bed blocker
is stuffing is disgusting. And to start putting the guilt on the general public. Constantly though, for years, for years, I've been putting in the newspapers on a Telly, how people are time wasters going in with a sore throat or with a bruise or you know, things like that, which is going to happen. It's going to be rare. It's not going to be a regular thing, where you know, 70% of the people in there just didn't have because they've got a hangnail, or maybe they've
you know, stomp their toe. You know, most anytime I've ever been in the hospital.
People clearly there for a reason they're in pain or outwardly be bleeding, you know from a head wound, or not being able to walk or being sick or crying. Young people don't go to the hospital for fun, because it's not an enjoyable experience. Generally, some people might enjoy but I think most people listen to this and most people in the world. I'm guessing if you sort of what would you like to do tonight? The first thing you said wouldn't be Why don't we go to the emergency ward and sit there for four hours and wait to be seen and be around loads of people that are ill?
Yet ourselves a lot of fun. No. But the public's been this guilt trip and I felt it. A while back. I woke up and I was having trouble breathing. The hole my throat was swollen
and I knocked on my neighbor's door said Whoo. I could hardly talk. I didn't know what to do and basically he we got a taxi to the hospital. He came with me. The night before I'd seen on the news, there was moaning that people were going into a&e have a sore throat. I had a sore throat. And I didn't know what to do. I left it for a couple of hours before went downstairs. I was trying to breathe, but it was causing anxiety. So I was kind of mid anxiety attack at the same time because of the struggle of preven I suppose hyperventilating maybe. And then went to the hospital, felt guilty. Felt like a fraud felt like I was wasting the hospital's time and I'll see the doctor and I said to the doctor, I feel bad. I like to tell people how I feel in which those kinds of situations and I like to see what they've got to say that I feel GUI because it's constantly in the news about people coming in for things that there's little things that aren't really important and I didn't feel I should come in because it's my throat and it's a sore throat and he said no you haven't trouble breathing you needed to come in is in is good that you came in and I said okay so I felt okay after that I felt better. And you know this throat thing lasted a few days but I was going in now with anxiety don't know if it was part of anxiety that caused but so these conflicting thoughts that come in up a bit more recently with this Coronavirus thing, guilt, you know, for, for using the NHS, NHS services, guilt for even going to the shops to buy food.
And I understand why all of these things being put in place. And you know, I get it, I understand it. I don't like the feeling of guilt. I live in a children's home run by nuns, Catholic nuns live with Catholic nuns for a couple of years. Not a big fan of guilt.
quite happy to leave that stuff behind. Gil is not useful. So someone needs to have someone to put that guilt
onto the general public feels. It doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel nice. I'm making a note of places that I'm not going to be using after this happens for Iceland. probably not going to be using that shop again. The one where the lady was rude to me or Mike continue just for the foreseeable every couple of weeks, maybe a bit. But after that, yeah, I'm probably not going to be using them. But that is gonna make a huge difference to the profits. So there's all these different emotions and I guess this is a bit different from some of the other recordings I've made and
you know, I'm not giving any solutions. Just talking about feelings and I suppose it's okay to have these feelings.
There's no rules there's no rules that says you can't have feelings and you know, on one side I'm kind of got low compassion for you NHS and on the other side, Phil, the I'm guilted to not use the NHS you know, I shouldn't waste the NHS, the hospital, National Health Services time. And it goes further with me because I start thinking about other people. On as I'm not gonna use the word forceful as I am, but as I take action in times like that, but my neighbor downstairs, mom was down outside the doors on the floor, couldn't get to the door to answer the floor to answer the floor, couldn't get to the door to answer to open the door for a month it was outside. She collapsed and she was unwell. I said to longquan ambulance, no, no, it's okay a bear not. Because she's seen a safe in the offseason. Don't you don't miss you don't waste the NHS time. You don't waste the ambulances time. I agree. You don't waste ambulances time. But it doesn't mean you should never call an ambulance will never call for the police or fire service. You don't wait until your whole house burned down. So think, well, maybe I should have called the fire department. You know, it's in the end. I had to say to this lady Call an ambulance. No. Now in a way that sister will be in a little while do that to call an ambulance. And in the end, after about 10 minutes of me saying Call an ambulance. She did. And then the ambulance said there might be 40 minutes. So she didn't say to them. They were serious. So I called the police. I can't upstairs call the police. So there's a lady downstairs. She might be having a heart attack. We don't know. Can't get into the flat because it's locked from the inside. Can you come and get into there? Get help get into the flat. A police said night would you want us to do about it? However, I think because they took details. I think the place probably contacted the ambulance again. You said news. Like chased it up? Because they were here within about. Yeah, seven minutes. And then she had a heart attack an ambulance. I mean, she did die actually. So it's not a nice ending to the story. She died a few days later. That was an emergency. Yeah, I've got a case I might be wrong by believe that the her mum had that guilt. The whole you don't contact you that an ambulance service. You don't call for an ambulance, or paramedic? You know, unless it's an emergency. What is an emergency? You know what? One person's emergency may not seem like another person's emergency. But someone on the floor unable to move inside their flat or apartment not being able to even get to the front door.
That's an emergency, isn't it? What else could it be? What possible else could it be? And it really was seriously, but as soon as you get ready, I guess.
So that bugs me. Because there's a whole the NHS, the heroes, they're wonderful, beautiful, wonderful. And I agree. But on the other side are kind of angry at them a little bit, not the nurses, but the way that the public, including myself are guilted like, you know, we are heroes, but remember that but try not to bother us because we're busy. And it's not the nurses or doctors saying that. It's whoever runs the whole thing that put the adverts or the politicians or you know, whoever and to come up with a term like bed blocking for an elderly person with maybe Alzheimer's dementia.
It just truly disgusts me and gets my goats it does. So I have this mixture of compassion and anger going on, and fear.
And it's nice and not doing much for my anxiety levels. But what I did notice today I didn't watch very much news. I did watch the news, but I didn't watch it as much as I normally do. And I'll be working on my garden shed that's in my bedroom, which is my recordings, there will be my recording studio. So hopefully, I'll be able to do more like choir stuff. I spent about six hours doing that today or yesterday evening. And I felt better for it. Because I was focused on something completely different. I feel more energized now. ie at 353 in the morning than how I would normally feel. And weird thing about it is I didn't spend loads of time in bed. I'm actively doing something. And that might be something that may be useful for you as well. So can you please come around and help me with my shed. And soundproof if you bring your own soundproof and that would be nice. I've got a little ladder. Little tiny two hammers ridiculous. It's almost like, um, when it's sent me my toolkit that must have fought, I was a watchmaker or watch repair. Everything's little low hammer. I mean, honestly, when I'm hold now I feel like I'm a giant. My dad was an electrician, he had hammers, and they're always big things heavy things. This one's little old. Ridiculous. Anyway, something else I'm angry about.
So maybe there's something that you can focus on. Something you can do new, like I got a friend, he's doing some painting. He's a tattoo artist. So he started to get more into that, again, starting to do more creative things. And it's it's focusing is focusing on that. So maybe it's an opportunity to do something new. I'm thinking maybe I'll read a few books to be read and put a bit more into the old brain to see if something else can come out. something useful decipherable. So I realize this might sound like just one big long moan. But maybe there's someone you can talk to. And tell them how you're feeling. So that you can feel a bit more relaxed, and kind of offload? What you could do. This is just an idea. It's a pretty good idea, though. Even I do say so myself. And I did just say
Do you know the idea of writing a letter writing a letter to someone you're never going to send it
or keeping a journal? This is something very different. Because not everybody's got someone to talk to. I kind of don't kind of do. Yeah. People tend to want to sort of tell me their problems sometimes and is okay. But don't always want to be a counselor to people. However, there's something you can do. If you've got a mobile phone or a smartphone,
which means you've got a recorder on that phone. Here's what you do. You just record yourself and you talk into it. I'm not gonna tell you how to talk into a recorder. But you just talk talk into the recorder
for as long as you want to. And my ideas maybe, instead of sitting down doing it, maybe walk not pace in like me. Angry lion. But maybe walk around, get some exercise, get the body move in, you might just want to sit down. But maybe change your physiology so that you're not in sort of one set frame of mind. Because when you walk in, when you move in, constantly, your physiology is changing, because you're physically changing, your spine is being manipulated, it's moving constantly, your hips, your lower back, your brain is kind of moving to the side decide about I guess. And when you're talking, you're also using both sides of your brain because you're talking but also listening. There's a creativity. And if you're walking using both sides of your brain, left, right, you know, no one mentioned left and right, but using both sides, which means a stimulation is happening. Anxiety is also reducing. Because when you use both sides of your brain, the anxiety reduces. That's why someone as ambidextrous to be able to write with both hands. And I suppose technically, you could probably write at the same time wouldn't canoe, I don't know. Someone's going to write down a letter right at handwriting, do the first line with the right hand, second line with left hand, third line with the right hand for for the left hand. Right, left, right left, evens the brain out. Even z the emotions out. So yeah, that's it. So that's just something you could do. You haven't got to listen to it afterwards. But you could. You could store them. If you wanted. It's up to you. You're You're in charge of what you do. In a pot Unless, of course you want to go out you know, go into a public place with a group of friends. And of course, you can't do that. But you know, generally and you're in charge, if you want to listen back to it. If you want to delete it, wherever you want to do. And you might think well why do I need to press record when I just talk out loud? It It feels different. It does it feels different. Adana, why don't care why? It feels different. So I've done both. I've talked out loud, and then I've recorded I've done 1000s of recordings. It feels different recording. Even it does feel different if no one's ever gonna listen to it. So if no one was ever gonna listen to this, I probably be swearing. I'm I even started shouting, you know, I might really get into the emotions. Probably won't show I'm not really a shouter. But you know, are my Yeah, I might be very aggressive possibly. But knowing that people are going to be listening to it means I try and keep it a little bit neater, a little bit tidy a little bit to the point. Although that is an arguable, I can be argued how often I actually keep things to the point that the idea is to try and be useful. That's why I do this. But that's not why you need to. You don't need to do anything. But if you do a recording, talking about how you feel, as I said, maybe using a bit movement as well. And if you're, if you're in a chair, you can maybe you can't move around, you can still move your upper body, hopefully, if you can't move your upper body, then maybe you can move your neck, maybe you can move your tongue to the right side and to the left side, maybe you can open and close your right eye and then your left eye which will activate each side of the body of the brain.
So lots of different ways to do this. And even if if there's a speech issue, and it is no one around, it doesn't matter what you say. Like, and also maybe that could increase your confidence. Because you can talk out loud. So I know five I've had a color teeth removed in my life. And that feeling of you know, afterwards now feels like about 20 times bigger lips like falling on the floor, but it's not really. But not being able to talk or properly talk, as some people would have, maybe an issue where they don't talk, maybe because of dental issues or jaw issues, facial issues, whatever, maybe they don't like their voice, whatever it is, or perhaps they can't talk so well, due to illness. Or the way that it's maybe they're just the way they were born. But there's no one around and talking doesn't cause suffering doesn't hurt you doesn't you know, it doesn't cause discomfort or anything, then you could record yourself but you don't have to listen to it, you can just delete it afterwards. But the more you do it, the chances are the more you let go the more you get to find out actually what you do think realize that you might be angry about something but you also got compassion you can be angry about or upset or frustrated about a service that you get but at the same time really appreciate the service it sounds like is a huge conflict. But it can can happen you know you can love the train service that you have and know that it's really good it's really on time and if you've got a train service that's regularly on time then you need to let the world know because I've never known one but you can still perhaps not like how crowded it is because the tubes on you know on the underground in London they're pretty good as far as regularity but they are so busy Not at the moment but now up to about a few days ago there was just jam packed so you can fly feel grateful that you've got a tube you can just you know walk maybe walk 10 minutes the tube station and get to the other side of London and just you know and the train the tubes every maybe four minutes or three minutes. However, you might not enjoy standing up for the whole journey. So you know it's we can have these conflicts especially in times like this. So being angry and frustrated doesn't mean we don't care I've been at something I try to remind myself I do care but I'm also frustrated or what's going on. I've got fear and I'm scared and
I get angry sometimes as I do in general life but it doesn't mean I don't care about the people that maybe I'm getting angry at the lady in the supermarket her being rude and moaning to me
I hate you at the time but you know afterwards I'm also respect what she's doing because it's a hard job. And she really shouldn't have to do it.
She should have a mask or something I don't mean that rudely. Nothing wrong with how she looks I mean with the you know, the the masking mask things that people are wearing. What was his name the one out Batman, not not Batman, but the other one that like fall by getting yourself a Darth Vader costume. Walk around who might think I'm taking the piss or I could dress as a nurse or as a surgeon who walk around dressed as a surgeon. I've got to have those in the fancy dress part. shops. Modular shops will be closed because they're not urgent and I Damn. Anyway, that's me. Somebody, I'm probably going to do a very relaxing, recording. very relaxing recording tomorrow. So I thought it just might be useful to talk about stuff. You know, anger versus compassion, maybe. So take esos remember, remember, remember to be kind to yourself, especially at the moment. Do something nice for yourself today. And I will speak to you probably tomorrow actually. I'm going to try and do a relaxation session in my recording studio. If it works, if it's quiet enough so lots of love bye

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