#112 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "REMEMBER THIS IS TEMPORARY" - (Jason Newland) (25th March 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. I've got Andre in the background crunching away on his food. So this is not going to be the same as the one yesterday. So I'm going to talk to you on the go old school, go back to last week when I was doing these checks. So I'm aiming to try and do another relaxation kind of,
I suppose.
almost think of it as being like a pure relaxation recording. By I have limits to what I can do them. And when he's awake, it's hard to get even down to these quiet active bar can still talk. So if hearing him in the background is a is a problem, then I just say turn turn off the recording. that annoys me a bit to be honest. It's, I wouldn't be without him. Yesterday, he is kind of not. I'm nocturnal. But he's whatever the the equivalent of being an addict and he dexterous and ridiculous. are caught in sight word. He basically is asleep and awake all night and all day. So he just sleeps then he gets up. Regardless whether it's day or night in or go to sleep again and get up again for an hour or so. And he is gone. The waves only listen to this, if you can safely Close your eyes. And I could quite easily fall asleep I think. So bear not close my eyes. So I I'm trying to make my podcasts. Corona free. Okay, I'm trying to do that. However, I think it would be the right word, be it be ignorant of me to ignore what's going on, especially considering the raise in potential rise in anxiety in people. And the last couple of days have managed to calm down a bit.
it was starting to get to me over the weekend, especially. And it's now Wednesday. So I think Monday and Tuesday, yesterday especially. I've calmed down quite a bit. I think part of it was the the lack of clarity within what the government keeps telling us, you know, in England anyway, in the UK, I don't know about other countries. I know a little bit about what's going on and other countries. For example,
India. Oh,
golly, yo, yo, India have locked down for 21 days. America has really been getting worse in America and press the president is talking about how it's calming down when it's actually not. And how he expects everything to be over by Easter, which is in about two weeks time.
swak can't really let me know what's going on there. waver optimism is an amazing thing. being optimistic Being positive. So, you know, I don't really want to knock anyone that's
able to be positive in quite negative times. But at the same time I do, you know, I do value realist some as well, a little bit of a realistic thinking. So have the word talk about how it's affected me a little bit. Mood guard in just just my own personal experience. So it might not be of any use to anybody. But it might be as well. So what I noticed is, it's nice to sniff there as well. I haven't I, at this time of year, I get a little bit coldy. But I haven't got any of don't get any symptoms. But I noticed when the when the weather changes, and it's cold, and then it's quite warm them this time of the year. It's quite nice during the day base proper cold at night. And it kind of affects me a little bit, get it sniffly.
But I'm, you know, I'm self isolating just like most people. And there's been a part of me that wanted to do something
that wanted to help other people. Which is why I do these recordings because I like to help others. But I wanted to do something more focused as in maybe locally or you know, something concerning the current pandemic thing that's going on. And then the, I think is the Health Minister came on television, saying that they wanted 250,000 volunteers to help with the NHS health service. So I volunteered, I went online, signed up. The weird thing about it is they said they wanted people to volunteer, but they didn't tell anyone how to do it. I went online, it took me about half an hour to actually find the correct link. Because the NHS website had nothing. The government website had nothing. I literally had to found it on one of the newspaper websites. So that was kind of a weird experience. So I hope ya should probably be doing some volunteering, but it's going to be from home, phoning people up and checking that they're okay.
And it's through some kind of app that the NHS has got.
I'm not sure what it is exactly, but should be okay. But how this has affected me is sense of helplessness. Which I only normally feel when I feel that I felt that often with the anxiety feeling like I'm kind of at the whim of the anxiety and the stress levels or with the bipolar, sort of almost helpless in a wave of emotion and mood swings. And then to add something real. And I'm not saying that the feelings. My experiences aren't real, but in a way feelings aren't real or they moods aren't real. It's just a feeling. It's just an emotion. As opposed to, you know, imagining getting hit by a car and actually getting hit by a car. Both cause huge, tremendous emotional stress, even sort of imagining it. But the actual act of getting hit by a car is way worse.
physically and emotionally but someone imagining that they can I get hit by a car
could stop them from going out. So it could actually almost roll their life, if they have that social anxiety connected with public transport or you know, things like that. And I suppose the difference is something about a real world event that has different effects on me anyway, there's the, the kind of maybe a forced into reality situation, where actually, there are people really suffering and perhaps I shouldn't feel so sorry for myself. Perhaps I should, you know, perhaps should those words perhaps I should stop being the center of the universe in my own mind. So that little bit guild there and then there's the the thought that actually those things that I would perhaps worry about, concerning germs being around someone who's coughing or sneezing, or you know, I've on a regular hand washing normally Anyway, you know, whenever I get home from a BNL always wash my hands always do have done for years. And ever I touch a post and if I'm on the bus and I'm putting my hand on one of the bars, there's a way to sort of get off I immediately think of the gems are on that bar the amount of people that are put their hands there, you know, I've kind of always always been like that. I'm like that generally. And there's there's a degree of kind of I think from a therapeutic perspective and people with those issues maybe germs and fear of catching diseases from other people there's almost seems to be a bit of a a bit of the word disrespect to be correct but not really taking the person seriously. In a almost trying to tell the person why it's unlikely you're going to catch anything from them and you know, it's got germs and you have to do a lot in your life in order to be healthy and sadly immune system is strong. Anyone that lives in a bubble and never gets germs or gets colds end up not being able to fight off you know proper illnesses in the future and then something like this comes along which is affecting healthy people's not just unhealthy people it's affected and it was it affected the unhealthy people first. So they started to assume I was just elderly people have underlying health conditions going to be at risk when actually they start to discover that's not just the case. brings up these things that okay, what this is too real. I don't like this. This is way too real for me. And I kind of just wanted to go away which is nice and mine is hearing him crunching in the background. Andre What do you got do that when I'm there almost like he waits for me to start recording and he runs out to make noise,
especially during these recordings for some reason. He's a weirdo. You're weird Andre. was weird is maybe. And this that realness is almost like the thing are being fearing are actually real.
And that, that dow I had in my mind that maybe those fears of germs and stuff, were, you know, potentially a little bit exaggerated, you know, maybe didn't need to really be concerned with stuff like that or really that had a double effect of like, well, maybe eases it a little bit or the other side code. I'm judging myself. And now there is stuff out there that really, you know, we've been told by heads of states that you can't go outside in this is an emergency office can go out once a day to exercise and, and for me, I don't know, I've, I've got a friend that lives downstairs, and even he won't come near me. We stay apart, I see him every day speak to him on the phone, I lives downstairs, I'd normally see and most days hang out a little bit been I was at my front door and he was standing the other side of the hallway. So you needed some milk.
And we just got kept away from each other. And it's almost funny to start with. But I can see, it could turn into making the phobia the German phobia stronger if I allowed it if I don't keep checking.
Because I'm not saying I've got a major phone, phone, phone, a major German phobia, but I do have a bit of if I'm nice, someone that's coughing, my anxiety levels really go up very quickly. And I've got I know how to control it. And I know how to use it in how to get into more of a relaxed state. And there's certain things that I've talked about in previous recordings that can be done that can reduce those levels. By having that reaction when there wasn't anything really not realistically to be concerned about. But now the risk is, it's I find that a little bit confusing. My reaction to our main This is something that I kind of needed to do Sorry, I'm laughing at him. He's having some kind of a hyper thing at the moment. One of the things that I did, I did and it wasn't optional is a needed to reduce my anxiety levels. Because I find I found myself moving into depression. And I just can't, I can't, you know, I'm not prepared to go down that route. Not because it felt like it was really good when things are getting dark in my mind and if that happens, then I'll stop making recordings. This This isn't the only podcast I do. I do some others as well. And the idea of I started to feel hopeless and meaningless. You know, this is how I started to feel And this was at the weekend, like last week, the weekend, mainly the weekend really. And it started to get too much.
It was an almost like an overload of news and overload of negativity, really. Now, I'm not a huge fan of false positivity. It's just me. I mean, I'm not saying it's bad, it's just
a quiet like, realism here are quiet, like, my feelings to be real. And to be able to get in touch with how I'm feeling, knowing that those feelings won't last
is okay. Of course, we'd all like the the wonderful feelings to last longer. But remembering that also the crappy feelings won't last either. So, you know, I think it all kind of evens out. And I almost needed to change the whales thinking I needed to, you know, because I'm taking medication for the bipolar. You know, um, I suppose I could do more things I could exercise more, and it's more I could do. Pardon my, I suppose the thing that gives my life meaning is doing this online, free online service I do making recordings. But even that wasn't enough. There was there was something like a feeling of doom, very dramatic, isn't there a feeling of impending doom? And I was having, you know, I've had heart palpitations and stuff like that, that was kind of how the anxiety was affecting me physically. And, obviously, in a bit more in the way of sweet
stuff like chocolate. Not gorging myself on that perhaps, in a quite quickly. So I was getting a lot of sugar into my system
a bit too, too fast. And start to think Well, what's, you know, what has really changed for me? How is this affected me personally. And again, I realize that some would say that's a selfish outlook, to just focus on myself.
Which is probably the the original version of the word selfish, as you're thinking about yourself, but when you look after yourself, and your, your, your own care, in the sense, you do have to look out for yourself, and think about yourself and make sure you've got what you need.
And I came to realize that actually, my life hasn't really changed that much with what's happened. And I know other people's, a lot of our people's lives have changed considerably, and been
affected a lot by this. And I do care about that. My heart does go out to those people. Because if this had been six years ago, I don't know why would have done. You know, but at the moment, I can get through it. But if this had been 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago, I would have been in real trouble 30 years ago, even you know,
I would have what would I have done? How would I survived? What would I have? How would I pay the rent or bought food? You know,
so I know there's real issues. looked at my own situation. And kind of okay. As far as my, my daytime routine, I'm awake during the night, I make recordings, work on the website, and the sleep during the day. I don't go out much anyway, I never go out socially,
me literally never. And so I don't spend time with groups of people. We're all lucky when it comes to the internet. Considering the options, we have now, ways of keeping in touch with each other, you know, through Facebook or wherever different ways we can do it. Also, it is all the different streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon. And so we're not having got the same limitations that we would have had,
maybe 15 years ago, if this had happened, because people who were isolated wouldn't be able to what maybe by phone, but that will be communicate by phone.
But now we can actually see who can see their loved ones on a picture on a phone, or however people do that. started to get in touch with some gratitude for what I do have, rather than what I don't have, what I can do rather than what I can't do, what I would like to do. And this situation now is temporary. Just like every mood, every emotion, every feeling, you know, every fart is temporary, everything is temporary. It may be dragging, but it is temporary. It will be over we will move on all of us. Then people in England to stop worrying about Brexit again.
So another class that is false positivity. It's real. It's reality. It will pass every single thing that's ever happened in the history of the world has been temporary. Everything passes every major disaster, every wonderful experience, everything passes. It's all temporary. And although you know, of course, like I said, sure all of us would love those wonderful experiences to last, maybe forever, you know, but they don't. Never does the horrible stuff. It's all temporary. And I'm not so much clinging on to that. But just remind myself gently of that fact. This is a temporary blip in our lives. And it's also something that we share in and there's a lot of people say I just talked about my own country with a lot of people in England. The word class themselves as having no commonality with perhaps their neighbor or the person they see in the street. Well, now, we do. Although we always have but we genuinely, genuinely do. Because we've all been through this experience of having to whether it's psi self isolate, just, you know, the whole process. We've all been, you know, most of the people in this country received a text message yesterday from the government saying stay indoors. And that's something I'm always gonna remember. Not necessarily in a negative waver, just in a lesson, say nostalgic way, but I don't think nostalgia has to necessarily be a nice feeling. I feel nostalgic about times that were, at the time horrible. But just some memories, they're just remembering it. And with distance, sometimes that distance does help to see things in a different way, a new perspective. And some would say why wait? Why wait for 10 years, to look back on what's going on now, in order to be able to see that it was temporary. To realize that it was temporary. Maybe we can do that now. We can get in touch with the reality that this is temporary. Just like every panic attack, every high anxiety moment is temporary. Regardless of how many that's been always temporary, the feeling the emotion
is temporary. And the more you embrace that I feel person, the more that I embrace that we can together almost come to terms with what's happening now. Knowing that it will come to pass, it will come to an end.
And things will just move on the way that life always does. We'll just move on to the next thing. move on with our lives. But maybe we may have learned something, perhaps the only thing that humans will learn is to wash their hands more often.
That might be the only thing. But it's gonna make some lovely stories in the future.
It's gonna have some horror stories as well. But there's going to be some comical stories of people who will look back on you know, people filling their trolleys full of toilet rolls and then not having to buy any toilet roll for two years because I bought so much during the virus time. And then as shops being so full of toll road, that they're actually selling it really, really cheap, because they can't sell it because no one needs any anymore. And practically giving it away in the supermarkets. I mean, that might happen. So it's those kinds of things. They'll just be perhaps humorous in the future.
I'm not saying that the whole events, obviously not but just parts in human beings. We have the ability to see humor in the dark times. And again, why wait, why wait for a year or two years. Maybe we can see some human some situations to you know, reduce the stress levels. Or maybe I'll be thinking about this, this is seriously thinking is
perhaps spend some time which is what I'm personally going to do and have
Been doing, watching some comedy shows, or comedy films, or listening to stand up tapes, CDs or on iTunes or you know, something like that. Something that so distance from what's actually going on to take you away from what's going on. And it can be nice to have that respites I think it's a rest bite. It's a response isn't that wrist, rest, bite, wrist bite or wherever a break, to have a break from all this stuff. And I don't know if any of what I'm talking about has been of use at all, I've got no idea. And I didn't try not to talk about this virus. In my recordings, I'm trying to be a virus free
podcaster due to the amount of coverage that is getting everywhere else. But I felt remiss to not focus would be how can I just ignore it? When I'm doing a podcast about anxiety and stress? How, how can I realistically ignore what's going on and not talk about my experience with what's going on. And knows nothing I'm trying to work with this is my anger levels have raised a
bit my judgment, judging people that are going out, judging people that are even family members that met up for Mother's Day, the weekend. Just flies find myself in turn to getting angry and judging them, because they're not doing what they should be doing in my mind. But that's what happens when when a prime minister comes on the TV and says, and gives people the option to self isolate and to self supervise doesn't work. You know, people, people in nice fun situations, you need it to be a law, not an option. It is an option, people are going to choose what they want to do. Some people will, you know, think about this, some people won't. If it's a law, which is kind of how it's become
now, then this calamity so that you know that people still do what they're going to do.
And I've tried to get my head around that to not get angry and to not be or judgy towards others for thinking or actually for not thinking really I guess. And I struggled with it a little bit. I probably mentioned it the other day when I did the I did a recording to recordings before this, or wonderful it is yet to fall this summer, the almost Cavalier response that I've seen in some more elderly people in the 70s even 80s heard them on the radio, some of these people. Some of these people it sounds bad, isn't it but some some elderly individuals saying that. The old saying, I'm going to get it I'm going to get it and then we're just moving back into superstition and almost fatal Listen, what will be will be? And it was meant to be that kind of nonsensical thinking. Because that's not how the world works. You know, there's no way in the world if someone stays indoors, you know, I mean, I'd imagine many people have quite enough stocks to keep them going. But if you stayed indoors for a year, and you had enough food to last you for years had no human contact.
There's no way in the world you can catch this thing. So it's not what will be what will be. Its, it's about being careful. So I find that once we up the hole Well, if it's meant to be, it was meant to happen that kind of No, I forget what the term is that people don't see to say as much as they used to.
It's almost Written in the Stars. No, isn't. I've looked at the stars, there was no writing there is nothing written about what will happen to you? No offense to any astrologists. But
I'm sure it means something to people to do it. But even astrologers will say, you know, people who read tarot cards are still what choice. No one that does that stuff will say that there's no choice. We all have free choice. And my free choices to to do what the law says are supposed to do and supposed to do. But I'm also choosing to try and keep the lights quiet kind of not get too involved in the the negativity of it. And I'm struggling with that a little bit. I
am. And that could be part of my condition, it could be part of just who I am as a personality. I'm a personality. It could be because of this the huge onslaught of negative information. I've heard and seen over the last Scobie column ups now, isn't it? So I don't know how I would label this recording, I suppose the
it will pass this is temporary. And also, you know, at the end of the recordings, I was sale, you know, be kind to yourself. So that this could be an opportunity to think how can you be kind to yourself
emotionally to increase your sense of comfort, relaxation, to reduce those stress levels, those anxiety levels reduced. And I realized some people could listen to me read in our telephone directory and feel quite relaxed with my boring voice.
So that might be useful. Not that I'm going to read the telephone directory. I don't know if there are two telephone directories exist anymore. The Yellow Pages. I think, some Yeah, maybe a little bit somewhere. But it's temporary. It's all temporary and What can you feel grateful for? Maybe you know someone that is, well, you could feel grateful that your partner, your loved one your children, your grandparents, parents wherever are healthy or maybe they have been ill and now they've come through it. And they're okay now
you know, this is all these things you can be grateful for. But I can't tell you what they are. Because it's just too personal. For each individual in our can't tell you what shoes to wear, hides how you walk, what bra or what dress or what kind of hair will suit you, I don't know only what's going to feel comfortable only you know that in the same way as gratitude only you know what you can feel grateful for. Without being false. I'm not gonna say I'm grateful cuz I've got carpet on the floor. But I'm not the reality is I'm not grateful for the carpet did on the floor. I was grateful when I first got the carpet. Because the floor was cold and covered in paint. I want to call it the carpet. I love my carpet. Andre my favorite has ruined the carpet. That I have no emotional connection to the copy of I did feel a little bit emotional when I first got it. I've never had my own copy before. Plus it costs me a lot of money but I'm not grateful for it are genuinely not I suppose for delved into our I could find things that I was grateful for. Regarding the carpet, you know, I can put my feet down and have not my feet aren't cold, you know, maybe that could be a thing. I prefer to look at things that are more obvious and more real in the sense of well I'm grateful for having this place to live. I'm grateful for having the internet things that actually do maybe make my life easier. More interesting gives me the opportunity to do things I'm grateful for my bed I love my bed it's very comfortable. And I like it a lot I'm grateful I'm grateful for the books I've got I'm grateful for have been Andre even though he's paid in the bum sometimes. But he's also lovely as well. Then it keeps me company. Not always don't always want company but he still still around all the time he's around. He was asleep or trying to bite my toes. Because I'm not particularly grateful for people who have in my life. I'll be honest, there's not really anyone might really have got in my life that I'm not particularly bothered about on a kind of regular basis. Not that I don't care about them, but I don't internally feel gratitude towards many people learn and look into it, I think okay, was my friend who now lives in Ireland. Yeah, I got. I feel grateful to have them in my life and how that helped me in the past and being an important person in my life. So suppose by delving a little bit deeper, I can get into that feeling. I suppose of all God's stuff. And I'm only guessing I can't say that for sure. I can't. I can't talk on your behalf. I I imagine it, we've all got things that we can be feeling grateful for. We've all got things that maybe we can
do to be kind to yourself something that we can all do to like changes, you know, to how we feel to take a break from the news and you know what other people talking about maybe have a little
restaurant I suppose almost like an emotional nap. watcher, watch a film that maybe you wanted to watch doesn't have to be a comedy doesn't have to be anything because it's your choice. But having a good old laugh can be nice. seeing something that's just absolutely ridiculous can be fun, I can take your mind a different direction. And also physically, physiologically, it is healthy. And it improves your mood as well. So plus doing relaxation exercises. There's lots of different things are available. I've got a lot of relaxation sleep recordings,
as well as the stuff that I do on here. I know that not all my recordings me just talking about and they're not all the same. I do different kinds of things. Some that are like this somewhere I'm perhaps a bit more energetic. Other ones where I just am doing a sleep hypnosis recording hope between the mall they're useful and if nothing else, just to know that you know you may be in a similar situation to me, you may you may be self isolated a lot of the time anyway. Being at home on your own may not be a novel thing. It may not be a new thing isn't for me and hearing people you down on the TV and on the radio and on the internet moaning after being self isolated for a couple of days. And I think well I've been doing this for years
by some people I guess is hard to get in touch with how another person's feeling but why I find it difficult myself so I guess it's diff is hard for people that are used to going out all the time to suddenly be stuck in their house. That does make me wonder why have they not made their home a place that they'd like to be? No that's not always that options not available to everyone. I lived in enough rooms to know that you know I've lived in places that would never my home. They were just a place to sleep. barn same side there's millions of people that do have homes whether it's rented or got mortgage or as council you know, it's a lots millions of people. So it makes me wonder maybe when this is done, when this is over this temporary blip is completed. Perhaps people out there can start to look at their own homes and maybe make it a bit more
homey you know, a bit more comfortable. For them to be so they enjoy being home. Perhaps that's just an idea that may not be relevant at all. I don't know.
So I'm gonna go. And thank you for listening if you're still listening is just I suppose it's a bit of a ramble. ramble about this current situation. But yeah, that's it really I think. Remember, you're not going to say, remember to be kind to yourself, because you do deserve to be happy. keep yourself safe. Remember, this is only temporary, only temporary, genuinely is, you know that. Really, if you think about it, you do know that we all know it. It's only temporary. So take care. And I shall speak to you very soon. And hopefully get some more we're going to do a relaxation hypnosis session. Just have to find a time slot when the pigeons not Owl and Andres not owl, and there's no neighbors in the garden. It's just finding a place where I can be quiet, you know, I need pretty much silence when do those recordings if at all possible. So take care. And I'll speak to you very soon. Lots of love bye

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