#111 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "DEEP RELAXATION" - (Jason Newland) (24th March 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks, please, and listen, when you can safely Close your eyes. Now, you can find all of my recordings on my website. There's over 1500 on there. And all podcasts, all the recordings from this podcast as well have also on my website.
Now, because of the times we're going through worldwide with the Coronavirus, and all that stuff, I don't want to talk about that specifically. But because of
this situation, I'm gonna try to do some regular relaxation sessions, where I'm just talking and guiding you into relaxation. I'll still do some of the other stuff as well. We'll talk about some subjects, but like to try and do for Ken Bailey relaxation session. Just to help you to calm your mind calm your body, to get back in touch with that safe space that we all have inside us to get back in touch with that calmness, that we can all experience. So this is almost a kind of like an antidote to watching the news, or, you know, hopefully. So I hope that's useful. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Susan, for the lovely gift that she gave me today. And also to other people who've also helped me to cover the costs of the website and the podcast for the current in the coming months. So I really appreciate that. Thank you, if you if you're interested in helping out the links on my website. So that's what I'm planning to do. And I'm talking from a very personal perspective here. What's happening around the world has affected me. I'm not saying it in a way of like, on is special, because I've been affected by something that's affected millions. I don't mean it like that. I mean, I'm responsible for looking after myself. There is no one else that's going to do. So I need to take care of
my own emotional well being. Which means I need to be aware of I need to be, well I need I'd like to be more aware of how I'm feeling more of the time in a sense of being able to possibly adjust how I'm feeling so that I can get back to that safe space that you could call it equilibrium. I guess there's lots of different words for the same kind of thing. That level to get back leveled again,
to get back on the straight path to get realigned, you know, whatever term you'd like to use
on my safe space, because feeling safe is is one of the nicest feelings or we can have
I think it's one of the three useful feeling to have it's very important to be able to have that feeling. And to be able to step into that feeling
when you need it most, as well as when perhaps you don't need it to have that option to visit in the same way you might have a bar, not because you need to have a bath,
extra smelly bit just because you fancy Zion down some bubbles and maybe nice aroma from the oils or the bath salts or whatever it might be. Just relaxing. Sometimes a bath isn't about cleanliness, it can be about relaxing, sometimes laying down on your bed isn't about going to sleep. It's about just letting go of the day letting go of your thoughts. Just enjoying that sense of relaxation that your body naturally experiences when you just let go of thinking and it's a nice feeling. From my experience, over the years, both doing this online and also in person on know that sometimes the experience of relaxing can feel quite profound. Because sometimes you can actually start to feel relaxed in parts of your body that you didn't even think the relaxation was even needed or necessary. When you start to feel, for example, your stomach starting to relax. It's a different kind of feeling, maybe to how you thought it would be because each body part has its own unique feeling. its own unique physical sensation. feet, they don't feel the same as as shoulders. When you flex your biceps. It's not the same as when you see you know you squint your eyes and the muscles, the cornea of your eyes around your eyes are stretched. And then you let them go and you can feel that sense of relaxation. After tense in your eyes and the muscles around your eyes. Those very different from the sensation of flexing the muscles in your arms.
When you do flex the muscles in your arms afterwards there's a sense of comfort and relaxation. Maybe not when you're in a gym lifting weights, but afterwards that stretch to almost like the knots of tension or just straightened out.
undone untied. It's a nice feeling great believer that none of this stuff needs to be a fact, to me, doesn't work if it's a chore. You can't force yourself to feel relaxed. You can't force yourself to feel tired. You can't force yourself to feel hungry. Those things, you can't force yourself to fall in love with somebody.
Or to like a certain food. It's these natural processes that work better when they are allowed to flow naturally. Otherwise, you're actually causing a blockage. Because in a dam, you're also causing a blockage in the river. So it can't flow.
Even though that blockage was actually you trying to help yourself, see, maybe tried to relax and you know, by trying to force your body to relax and telling yourself relax, relax, must relax now, relax, in giving yourself five minutes to relax and it must be done. And
even though the intention is it's an honorable, wonderful intention. The intention is kindness. You're being unkind to yourself. So this isn't a time to criticize yourself, tell yourself off like a small child for misbehaving. The intention was lovely. The intention was for you to relax. Fortunately, by the the forceful nature that it goes against what's natural, which means it's about allowing that sense relaxation to occur naturally. by sitting in a comfortable chair, or laying down the bed or settee
so far, maybe you're lying on the floor on a mat, a yoga mat, wherever your situation may currently be, just by listening to my voice, solve it's needed. Because you can naturally notice the sense of relaxation, growing it's almost spontaneous. Think of it like a water slide, or just a general slide, you know, you, you're walking up the ladder. And the walking up the ladder part is basically getting this recording. If you're listening to on your phone, or maybe on your computer, your laptop, tablet, on the television, wherever your case of comfortable in a chair that supports your body. So if you did fall asleep, you know you support it. Or you
lay down on your bed, for example. And you press the play button. That's all the work that's involved. At that point, you're at the top of the ladder and you stand in fact, you can just sit down,
ready to let yourself just slide gently but it's not deep. Deep slide It's a really slow, gently lowering slide. You almost feel like you're going straight ahead, but lowering at the same time. Be like people that go skydiving and they've got a parachute. I feel like they're flying the sea like they're going straight ahead, when in reality, they're actually going down the whole time. See, you can feel yourself relaxing. But it's in a natural, quiet, slow manner. It's easy. It's effortless. And you don't have to do anything. It really is the most simple thing in the world. Sometimes the most simple things can be sometimes difficult for people to allow to happen. Because if someone's Baby got Lord tension in their body, and it's causing distress, which tension does have a habit of doesn't seem to do. You I did something so easy, and simple and natural, as just listening to my voice. After getting yourself in a relaxed, comfortable position, lying down or sitting in a supportive chair, pressing the play button. And just allowing yourself to just go along for the ride.
The simplicity of that takes a little bit getting used to possibly until you realize that actually, there is nothing to get used to. Because you felt relaxed many times in your life, many 1000s and 1000s of times. And every night or whenever you sleep. There's times during your sleep when you are completely relaxed, your body and your mind you're just completely relaxed.
Of course we dream a night. But we're not dreaming the whole time. There are times when your body is so very deeply relaxed. So this actually occurs every day of your life. As well as moments when maybe you're not aware of it because you're just enjoying feeling relaxed. Maybe you're watching a movie. Maybe you're just sitting in a chair with your eyes closed. Just you know just listening to some music to sing joy in your own company. Might be there kotlin someone he might just be in a restaurant.
Okay for you feel relaxed. He might not be aware that you're relaxed. Because maybe you're talking to another person. You're focusing on what you see things around you. Your body, your mind is relaxed and the sense of feeling relaxed is It's a natural sensation, Curse of various times of the day and night. From the moment we are born, means we can purposefully tap in to those feelings really easy, really simply, because they're already they're already there. It's almost like having a remote control to television, on a little table next to your chair and you want the television to turn on, you just press the on button, and the televisions on.
When you want to turn it off, you just turn it off. It's easy. Simple, takes no effort. fun that way, relaxation. And fall in US asleep. Kind of has a fair bit in common with each other.
As we are born with the ability to sleep easily and naturally, without being taught. So we can also relax easily and naturally, without being taught. Sometimes we may need to be reminded minded, do we have that ability
as we need to be reminded? Do we have what we need always available. Always there. Whenever you need to feel relaxed. You can even if it's just one part of your body that you decide to relax completely. You can just focus on that part of your body without doing anything, just by giving that part of your body the attention that it requires. It then starts to relax. Then starts to relax. I'm going to count down from 20 all the way down to one number I count down from 20 all the way down to one. You can notice Do you feel more relaxed. I'm not going to tell you to feel twice as relaxed with each number. I count down from 20 down to one. I'm not going to suggest you feel time times more relaxed in every part of your body. Just like you to notice how you feel naturally now start in number 20 1918 day for today chain way Relax, open your eyes whenever you're ready. Enjoy the rest of the day. I feel that wonderful, wonderfully relaxed. Remember to be kind to yourself this

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