#110 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "CORONA VIRUS ANXIETY" - (Jason Newland) (20th March 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. If you'd like to support this free service, please go to paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland. And you can help by sending the PayPal gift which will cover the costs of running the podcast and the website and all that stuff. Thank you very much. So and also all my recordings are available on my website is that 1500 recordings from these relaxation sessions, sleep insomnia recordings, chronic pain relief, stop smoking various different things. So I wanted to talk about I wanted to talk about a few things.
And but the main thing and I don't got no idea where I'm going to go with this, if I'm honest with you is I wanted to talk about the Coronavirus. I don't want to talk about the Coronavirus itself. But the effect that the Coronavirus, the constant press, internet social media news. All that stuff, the bombardment the
I don't know what the correct word would be base just is constant. And it's been going on for quite a while now. And it doesn't look like it's going to be calming down anytime soon. As far as the details attention, the focus on this issue. And my concern goes to was it goes to people that have got it people that are suffering, but specifically people that have anxiety issues. And people out there maybe listening to this that already have enough to deal with when it comes to germs, you know to phobias and things like that with germs. And I was thinking about it. And the whole idea of you know, anxiety attack, being the you know, fight flight or freeze is kind of our natural reaction in the with the introduction of something that may cause us harm, physical harm, for example, or emotional harm. So used to be called fight or flight. But then, you know, the fact is that freeze is something that often often happens, where a person can't do anything. They can't run away. They can't fight back, they freeze. And I've done that myself in the past. And rd often wondered why he was called it was always called Firefly. What about when you just stand there
and you do nothing. Or you know, you don't know what to do. He kind of everything kind of
stops working as it were. So the whole point of the whole point, the idea of an anxiety attack or panic attack being I don't know I call it an ex response, but an exaggerated response to a situation, which actually isn't harmful. That's quite often what anxiety attacks, panic attacks are connected to, in people's minds. But the reality is there, we get anxious things that really are serious as well. So the idea that we just we only get an anxious for no reason. And having an exaggerated response, when actually there's nothing to be scared of. That might be the case, at times, it may be an exaggerated response at times. And it may be a situation where there is no chance or very practice, you know, zero chance of that thing happening. But it's your mind, you know, getting carried away, causing your body to respond in that horrible, anxious manner. But actually, as well as that there are times when we are in danger,
we are experienced in a really bad situation. And it's hard to prepare for that stuff. Because we're not all in the army, or in the forces or in all military trained,
or in the police who are trained to deal with emergency situations. I don't know what to do an emergency situation, have dealt a couple of times in those things, but
I wasn't very good. So I suppose where I'm going with this is we've got the Coronavirus and it's a real thing. It is a real threat. So then, I've noticed my anxiety going up. And I can't just say to myself, well, I'm just worried about nothing.
Well, if there's nothing Why is it on telly 24 hours a day? Why all the schools closed? Why? Why you know is it's why is it taken over the entire country you know, every every aspect of the country flights everything's now being
affected by this virus just in my country that's about all the other countries in the world. So it's it is getting hard to the thought it to dismiss the anxiety.
It feels like in this situations about coping with it, or coping with the situation. So the anxiety doesn't arise. Because I found myself getting heart palpitations. I feel you know, watching the news and almost feel I'm losing my breath. And I'm going out to the supermarket. And I'm literally I feel like I've got tentacles sticking out my head at high alert. You know who's got the germs? Who's got the germs, who's got the who's got the plague, who's got it, you know? Should I be near them? Can I keep away from them? Do I need to face the other way who's coughing and that kind of stuff, which apart from being extremely unpleasant. I imagined that's what a lot of people to certain extent are actually experiencing those with or without anxiety issues. And those without generally having anxiety issues will possibly be having anxiety issues now, because of this current virus that's going around. That is seems to have taken over over the world temporarily. So maybe we need to keep hold of the word temporarily. Because it is a temporary Blip. It's quite a big blip at the moment. As far as the disruption is causing people, jobs, all that stuff. And this topic, it's it's too big really to kind of talk about in a recording is too big the whole extended situation, the garden, you know, things that could cause someone anxiety outside of the germs, situation D will catch it will give it to somebody because you know, if you're with, he's got relatives or elderly, that you care about, you know, that could be that anxiety, Will I lose someone that I care about? And then there's other bits, Will I lose my job, will I be able to pay their rent will be able to pay the mortgage, or all those kinds of things. I seem to find, and this might not be the same for everyone. A founder of almost taken on it a degree of worry on behalf of other people. You know, worried about people that I've not even met, worried about businesses. Worried about people that are in other countries that can't get home?
Yeah, those kinds of things. I mean, the other day, and I said, I think it was today or yesterday, the only five people are allowed
at a church funeral service. Now, no more than five people in the Church of England. And I started feeling upset for the people who are not allowed to go to a funeral. Because five people's not a lot. For someone that's got a big family. You know, someone might have seven children, or five children, grandchildren, they're all gonna want to go to the funeral.
So now kind of start the fire myself getting a little valve set with that. And a little bit angry. And now kind of feel guilty for feeling angry. So a little bit of a weird kind of various different emotions going on.
And then at the supermarket, when I was getting some food, normally do a fortnightly shop, which is a big was a fairly big shop. I do every fortnight.
And I was feeling guilty for food I was buying on buying too much stuff here. But it's why I always do. You know, I go out I don't go out very often. So I get paid every two weeks and I go and buy my food.
It's just and the the people some people look angry, there is such a negative energy around including the shop people working in the shop. Not that they're always necessarily, you know, smiling all day long. But though really drained, you could I could just see they were drained those so tired, because of the amount of work they've had to do. And so this the anxiety, to me seems that only can only speak well. I can't really speak on behalf of my country, but I'm focusing on what I've seen here. And you're gonna notice like where you are.
There's a huge amount of anxiety all around. Most of the people that I've spoken to are anxious about it, except old people for some reason.
The ones I've spoken to for people over 70 and they're all arrogant or very arrogant blahs I didn't care. And I found that quite surprising. Considering they're the the group that could be mostly risk. But there's just four people doesn't mean that so it's not necessarily a good example. But all of them like, absolutely not bothered not interested at all, which are found very, very unusual yet a lot of young people are maybe not the young young people, but people in a middle phase for years, are taking it seriously. I'm not sure how seriously older took it. When I was in my early 20s.
My teens probably wouldn't care. My jaw was a bit of a warrior. So I don't know.
It's hard to tell there's no way of knowing. It's just down to the personal character of each individual. Really, I guess. Whether they're concerned for others, or for themselves. So kind of, I suppose it makes me think just, you know, when I say be kind to yourself, what can you me, us, they all of us do to be kind to yourself during this Coronavirus situation?
And I don't know what the answer is for you, personally. Only you can really come up with that answer. I would suggest looking after yourself. being kind to yourself would be doing what you need to do to keep yourself safe. And I suppose there's a little part of me, Sonny small part that thinks
well, maybe more people will start to understand what it's like to have anxiety, like real
physically painful, you know, uncomfortable. Anxiety are not are not pleased, they've got it. But I kind of think it may be those people now the worried, really, really anxious and concerned about
what's going to happen with this. Maybe when this is all done, they'll have a bit more understanding for those people that live with this condition ongoing. So you know, I had a friend who he got depressed a few years back.
And it's the first time he even had any kind of understanding about depression, even though I was his good friend and I had gone through depression quite a few times, didn't get it didn't, couldn't comprehend it. But once he went through it himself, of course, it's different for everybody. But he had respect, had a degree of respect for maybe other people that have gone through, realized how painful it was for him. So therefore, it makes sense that it would have been painful for other people as well. Yeah, just because it's, it's one of those invisible things, isn't it for other people can't see it. Although you can kind of see depression in people, by the way they act, their behavior, the way they talk, the things they say. There's a lot of clues. It's not that invisible. Not really, if you know the person because they won't be the same as how they normally are. If you've known for a long time. This in the same way as anxiety, you can't see but the behavior is different. People act differently when they're anxious. That talk differently. Maybe talk faster. Maybe pace, maybe look around is dying everywhere. It could be all kinds of things, maybe sweating. Maybe just not being able to physically relax or be able to Focus on a conversation.
So you can be noticeable for our side. You don't have to have a plaster on your leg for someone to see, I see that you're in pain.
So this, I guess is concerned in me. This whole virus thing that's going on in I just feel for people that are suffering. Not just the people suffering with the Coronavirus and the anxiety it causes. But there's kind of an extra kind of caring, or concern for those already dealing with anxiety on a daily basis to have this extra thing added on. If you're someone with, let's say OCD, or you know, real phobia for germs. And, you know, part of the part of the treatment to help someone with the hazard, a germ phobia would be to convince them in some way
that there's nothing to be afraid of. Do the Jones won't hurt them? How do you do that when you've got something out there that actually can hurt you. By the Coronavirus is a real thing. It's invisible as well.
So, I don't know maybe it goes different ways. Maybe someone with a phobia of germs can actually feel not that they're insane, but they might feel a bit crazy for having those feelings when everyone else is telling them that this is fine and they've got nothing to worry about. But now that other people are worrying about it, perhaps they can feel almost the same as everyone else. So perhaps there's an only use Word benefit but if there was such a better thing, maybe a benefit in it, because this is something to be concerned of and washing your hands as to as a finger keep going on about on the news. And I can't believe that the adults need to be told to wash their hands but clearly we do. I was taught to wash my hands a very early age and I continue doing it but yeah, it's amazes me so we've now got people I just worried how many phone you know, German phobias are going to be caused by this Coronavirus. Not so much the Coronavirus but the constant bombardment of information, news, you know, 24 hours a day. Of course, you can turn your Telly off, turn your radio off, not go online. not talk to a single person and a gifts. That's one way of never knowing what's going on. Not sure if that's is quite a difficult way to live.
I think once you're used to being aware of what's going on to suddenly be completely out of the loop of society. Maybe that is the way to go. I don't know. These are just ideas. It's just thinking out loud, really. So what can you do to be kind to yourself to make sure that you
can remember that actually. Although this is a real thing. This virus is a real thing. How can you get more in touch with a sense of relaxation because it seems to need that purposely relaxing is possibly the key, moving forward to actually do a regular relaxation exercise every day, maybe more than once a day. Whether it's meditation, maybe you do yoga, perhaps exercise, whatever it is that you do to help you to relax, maybe listen to one of my relaxation sessions, I don't know, or whoever I just listen to music, reading a book, watching Netflix program, something that you enjoy doing. Having a bath. We've all got those things where you just feel really relaxed, maybe during or after.
spending more time feeling relaxed. An increase in that time as much as possible. Increase in the time you spend feeling relaxed. So perhaps it was half an hour a day before, increase it to maybe an hour. maybe an hour and a half, maybe two hours. But perhaps not all in one go. The spread out.
Because at the moment, I think the scales are a bit out of balance, society, our balance and I can see already the stress that the average person is experiencing a common experience I cut back and see by solid behavior and things that people said there's a lot of worrying, a lot of stress connected to the Coronavirus by people that maybe don't normally experience stress as a problem. They might you know, thrive off being stress and help them to propel forward in their life.
And they might not experience anxiety. And now perhaps they are maybe maybe for the first time by the way if you hear grumblings my stomach not quite sure why cuz I just eaten
I think he wants more chocolate. So what can you do to actually help your day each day going forward? To feel more relaxed? to spend more time to if I don't, I think it's about balancing the scales. I think it's about tipping the scales over
in your favor. So that the relaxation you spend more time feeling relaxed than other more times feeling karma than not feeling karma, you know, more time being in your body, being mindful. Maybe experiencing gratitude for what you do. So I do you know, it's kind of just this recordings more of like an open conversation starter in the sense of what can you do to help yourself to deal with what's going on in your own life. And I've Yeah, as I said, I've I've been struggling with it a little bit.
It's been It's been too much. There has been too much. And it's a few it's almost been thrust upon us. You know, the constant pneus of it. And I know that I can turn the television off, but I'm on almost
it's got me addicted as well a little bit. to want to know what's happening next. What's the next change to society that's going to happen today is Aries just moving so fast. We're in supermarkets be open next week, you know, who's like what's gonna happen next. And, and because the anxiety is invisible, even to us, you can feel it, you can't comment and see a comment.
And almost feel like it's it sneaks up on me sometimes. And literally takes my breath away. And the very, very horrible feeling. And I can normally get it under control.
But normally get it back, get it get relaxed, do some breathing exercises, do some counting, sometimes I lie down the bed and that that's that's good for me. I'll start your Do you have to lie down
our beds got me yawning. Bava times I feel fitness might be part of the bipolar more than anything else is,
I feel really, really gonna say turned on. I don't mean in a sexual way. I mean, turned on, like my brain is completely focused and aware of what's going on. And I'm really into it. And I'm really into the news and really absorbing all this stuff taken all in, I want to know more and more and more.
When you're not, it's not really very helpful or healthy. And then I crash, you know, I just have too much left to go and lie down Go to sleep.
By but again, that might be more to do to bipolar than to do with anxiety, per se. Or notice recordings aren't really about bipolar, but it's about mental health issues. It's about being getting mentally well, and dealing with mental illness and the anxiety stress side of things. This also there for people the temporary experience in it as well, which is what's happening, I believe, my money guessing, but I think it's a pretty good educated guess. There's a lot of people that I'm talking millions of people around the world that are now a quite a high anxiety level. When perhaps they don't normally have that. It might be the first time for a lot of people that they felt this on edge or this anxious. Part A is the uncertainty. Not enough information. At the same time, too much information. It's kind of a mixture between the two. You can't You can't when can you really it's too much information. But at the same time, there's always more you want to know. Because how does it affect you and your family personally? How does it affect your job, your health, your finances.
So this is a big thing. But it's temporary. It's temporary. And that's something I think we could all find useful,
including myself to remember. It's just temporary. Regardless of what happens it's going to be temporary And maybe maybe knowing that other people out there have also got anxiety, that there's more people out there, probably, at this time outside of a war or you know, probably a World War. To be fair. This is probably the one time one of those times in history where the anxiety level will be much higher in huge amounts of people around the world. Some parts of the country, perhaps not that bothered at the moment, because it hasn't affected them as much. But other countries like Italy, for example, huge. I bet is not an Italian. One person at least has not been affected by this emotionally. So the huge amount of anxiety out there. So another way to reduce your anxiety could be to send out love to those people. And I don't mean in a lovey dovey, gushy, airy fairy, you know, spiritual way. I'm just mean. Physically, you know, if your eyes closed to actually send out love from your heart to them, let it spread. You can choose a person, you can choose a family, or you can go all out and choose a whole country. It doesn't have to be your country. Why don't choose another
country? Why don't choose if you're in England, why not choose Iran or Italy, Spain. If you're in China, maybe choose America. Because if nothing else, this will start to break down some of those barriers
and allow more people to see other people for what they are. Which is just human beings. Humans and who women. You hear women human, you know, I mean, humans instead of by their religion, or their belief systems, or by the color of his skin or the language they speak, or where they
live, you know? Because this virus is not prejudice. It's not racist. It's not sexist. It seemed to be a bit ajust To be fair, because it's seems to be going for the older people, but
it's, you know, everyone can get it. So, in a sense, we can kind of stand together
at least emotionally. And by sending that love out to another country. You can imagine it moving from your chest. And the thing is when you send out that love
in never depletes you. You've said doesn't deplete you it complete shoo. But that just rhymes doesn't deplete the love increases it.
Just like you know, when you give blood was average, we have seven pints of blood in our body. I don't know how many we have, but you give two pints or pint of blood. To You know, what's a blood donor place? It doesn't mean suddenly you've got a pint of blood less. The blood recuperates you, you know you could give a blood you gave a pint of blood probably every day or every two days. I don't know how long it takes to come back. But you know the point is he still keeps coming back. He still grows slow when you cut your hair. It goes back or you shave your knuckles. And your hairy knuckles grow back. Whatever. So that love or the full view, give it the word compassion. Maybe advice, you know is thinking about other people and sharing
and wishing them to be relaxed and calm allows you to feel more relaxed and calm. So these these are just a few ideas. It's not It's nothing. I've said anything that's gonna necessarily change the world, but I thought it'd be nice to least address the the Coronavirus, and
difficult from an anxiety perspective it is. Especially for those who are already on a daily basis, trying to cope with our own anxiety issues. To then add this have this added to it, you know, but then all those other people that are now anxious about this situation, maybe you've never experienced it before. So my heart does go out to those people. It's almost like you know, just It's horrible. Worrying about something, not knowing what's going to happen is it can be a horrible situation to remember and it's temporary. All this stuff will come to an end. Just like the worst storm ever, we'll come to an end where was the hurricane where there was a flood, where volcano wherever always
ends. Always comes is always only temporary. I mean, even the sun's temporary. It will eventually burn out. Not for long, obviously a very very long time, which is not going to affect us.
Unless of course you're listening to this in 100 million years or whatever. And that case told you it's temporary. Told you so maybe it's something to think about maybe it's maybe you've given enough in the thing about maybe it's just been a bunch of words. What it has been a bunch of words. But just to remind you, if nothing else, to remind you to look after yourself
in these weird times and they are a bit weird at the moment. And tomorrow remind yourself that is temporary. So I want to go and I wish you well are probably going to try to relaxation session
in my next recording. So thank you for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. It's important. Lots of love. Bye

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