#109 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "DEEP RELAXATION SLEEP" - (Jason Newland) (12th March 2020)

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Hello, welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Please only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. And you can support this free service by going to pay pal.me forward slash Jason Newland land and the links on our website, if you wish. Just to let you know that all of my recordings are now add for free. There's no adverts on anything. And there are over 1500 recordings on my website. And they're being produced since 2006. So there's quite a few bits and bobs there. So this is going to be recording, it's going to be a relaxation recording. So I'm not going to be talking lots about any specific thing. It's going to be solely solely based on calming your mind, solely based on calm in your mind. So I'd like you to get yourself into a comfortable position. Maybe sitting down in a chair, making sure that the chair supports your bodies. So if you was to become maybe fall asleep or something that you wouldn't fall out of the chair, make sure it's got sides. On the chair, also. You know, there's a chance if you lie down listening to this, you may fall asleep because if I lie down, recording this, I would fall asleep. See, you'd have about five minutes of me talking and then you just hear snoring the next four hours which may be funny for the first 1010 minutes, but you know my snoring is not conducive to falling asleep or relaxation either. So that's why I always generally sit up when I do relaxation session. And I generally sit out when I'm listening to one or less you know I want to fall asleep.
So I'd like you to get in touch of a physically fell. Just we're doing a short body scan. Notice and now the different body parts of feeling right now. Starting at the top of your head, your forehead and just being aware of it. If there's stress in your forehead, you're not trying to get rid of it. During the body scan, you just you just notice in it you're giving it attention which is something sometimes all that body part needs from you is attention and then it might just reduce that stress anyway by letting go so you focus now on your eyes. Your eyelids just notice in the muscles around your eyes, you know underneath your eyes, the corners. Paul, you know between your eyelids and your eyebrows. Why am I to do is lift my eyebrows up and down a bit. Like I'm doing a little wiggly worm because it stretches my eyes, my eyes, my eyelids also stretches my forehead as well. You can notice how your cheekbones fill as you move across your face down to your lips being aware of how your mouth feels. Again, not trying to change how you feel, just being aware of focusing intensely on any particular part, just an overall observation.
Moving down to your jaw just notice the whole field and from the bottom of your jaw moving up to is a whole area and then maybe notice in your ears which can often be a part that's left out of body scans. Here the IRS is so important.
signboards so you can give your ears a little bit of attention.
Just notice any fell. You can do for each chair backwards to the back of your head. Just notice the back of your scalp as it moves down to the back of your neck.
Just being aware of the back of your neck and maybe there's some stress held there
or tend to hold stress in the back of my neck sometimes. Then you can move out to shoulders. Being aware of your shoulders and your shoulder blades, just that general area of your shoulders. Moving down each arm down the upper arm, the elbow, forearms and wrists. Then just move in your observer observation to your hands. the backs of your hands, your fingers, the palms of your hands. You may choose to just move your fingers around very gently
notice in how your hands feel. Now moving back up to your throat just below your chin, your throat in your neck, front of your neck and the sides of your neck.
It moves down to your chest, past your collarbone to your chest and no to sin. As you move past your diaphragm, your stomach, across your ribs and down into your abdominal region. Even down just above where your hips begin. As you notice, where your hips begin, you can focus on either side of your hips
and the air Before the hips actually start the sides of your body. You can notice how that feels as you move up your body
all the way up to your armpits. You start to notice the area just below the back of your neck. Spread it all the way down your back. The sound of the wind outside can actually be a nice little accompaniment. Almost nature's music. And you focus on your back those muscles all the way down all the way down to your lower back where the hips begin. Because it's such a large area may be scanning again, starting from the bottom of your bag, and moving all the way up
to where the back of your neck is. just noticing how you back feels. And this time moving down again from the back of your neck. All the way down your spine, focusing on how your spine feels
each side of your spine, all those muscles, all those connections. Almost like is sliding down your spine gently all the way down to your lower back. Just being aware of how you spine feels.
Just get one last bit of attention to lower back. just noticing any changes that may have occurred during this time that you have been observing your back as you now move into hips, no to say but the feelings, the muscles. Just being aware as you change your focus to the sides of your hips.
Moving around to groin area. Just being aware of the whole muscle, skeletal as well as the muscular parts of your hips.
Skeletal part the part that we've all seen on skeletons The pa between the upper body and the legs because your hips are used so often it's nice to give them a bit of love. If attention should now focus on your legs starts in a course where they begin very tops of your legs, your inner thigh, the front of your fight the backs of your fives and the sides, the outsides of your thighs. So many muscles, big bones, big muscles. Just notice in that general area as you move down towards your knee on each knee focus on you can do spiel aware of the physical sensations that you are experiencing in your knees at this moment those feelings the focus on are now your calf muscles maybe wish to move up again to the backs of your knees
or your legs crease when you've been two legs. Perhaps this is a part that's often ignored. So maybe you'd like to just focus on that for a few seconds. She go back down, focusing on your calf muscles. It's almost like you can outline your coughs you can almost see them in your in your mind. Just being aware they feel as your attention moves the front's of your legs, the shins, your lower legs. Just being aware the heaviness of those bones in your legs. She moved down to your ankles. That part that connects your feet to your legs. The ankles so strong. I do such a valuable job. I think maybe sometimes we forget how valuable our ankles really are.
So you can just focus for a short while your ankles noticin how they feel. And then as you move down part of your ankles it's kind of quiet, fleshy, sensitive parts, maybe the very back of your ankles that leads to your heels. Just being aware of those parts. almost feels like the ankles are actually part of the foot as it just joins so smoothly into the tops of your feet. noticing how the tops of your feet feel as a top so your feet lead to your toes,
each toe and individual parts of your body. Each one just as important as the next is it just focus on each of those toes one by one.
And now focusing on the bottoms of your feet. Almost feels gentle, but also tough at the same time. The skin on the bottoms of your feet
full of nerve endings full of pleasure. You can really experience that pleasure in your feet when you're not using them.
When you're just sitting or lying down on your bed. Your feet relax completely. You can almost feel your feet winding down. Relaxing gradually. You've got the sides of your feet. Nice to focus on that part. The inner part of your feet. The outer part, maybe a part that we don't normally give much attention to.
I think it's sometimes the case. Our toes get the special treatment when it comes to our feet The whole of our feet are equally as important. And now I've done a body scan, just noticing how your body feels
can now turn our focus onto our mind noticing how your mind feels being aware of any thoughts that may be there perhaps you become aware of just how little is actually going on in your mind at this time juicing imagined whatever for whatever stresses maybe in there might be hiding you can have a special torch, special flashlight you can shine around your mind and it shows these little bits of stress little bits of anxiety are no longer necessary and then not only shows up those those feelings but also eliminates them. So, as soon as they show up, they disappear as soon as any feeling feelings, offer them comfort to arise in your mind when they disappear whenever anything about anything, right now. Thoughts just disappears. Thought just disappears. Thought disappears. And you can observe your mind to say observe, observe any door that arrives whenever Any thought arrives you can just allow them disappear. disappear and then sure mind will automatically do this process for you. Which allows you no better time to go back down your body using that special light or flashlight to detect any remaining particles of stress in your body as soon as it's detected it disappears as soon as it's detected disappears starting with your forehead not to sin me feelings me to disappear to allow those disappear naturally. As you scan your face your jaw with that light that lets you know if there's any tension needs to disappear or automatically living down the back of your neck. Zooming in on any color feeling and allowing it to disappear. Automatically shimmy down your throat and your neck. Chest, your stomach. Whole fuel front of your body. Zooming in on any two feet allowing it to disappear automatically. Notice the whole of your back, top back all the way down his spine to your lower back. All those muscles that lead to the science of your back. Being aware of any feelings and focusing on those to get us sensations disappear automatically disappear Automatically notice the feelings and the top see shoulders moving all the way down your arms into your hands and your fingers not to sin any feelings discomfort focus in in allowing heating to chest disappear disappear automatically know to sin the whole area of your hips be aware of any sensations the need to be removed you can just focus on that to get physical feeling allow it to disappear automatically disappear automatically she lost the focus on your Les Moonves moving all the way down to knees and ankles into the new being aware of any physical feelings you wish to win and you can focus on those fears and wow automatic automatically out there to disappear automatically disappear. Count 10 down to one your body and your mind can become 10 times more with a number
body and your mind will become noticeably 10 times more relaxed now so Hi. More time small, relax relaxed. Ah clay you can hear just Hey seven Oh completely everything

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