#108 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "NEVER GIVE UP" - (Jason Newland) (11th March 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes.
So I haven't made one of these for recordings for a few days, I think the sixth of March is now the thing you see 11th not that that's like a huge amount of time. But, you know,
go through periods when I do a lot of regular regular stuff. And had a kind of a weird, weird time. before I'd mention, won't necessarily talk about that, but just talk about not giving up. Because I think with I guess, I suppose any any kind of situation in life, there's an opportunity to give up isn't there if things don't go the way we want them to go.
But I guess I'm being more focused here on the mental health aspect of that. So my, my personal kind of ongoing battle, it's not battle but ongoing. Feels like a battle sometimes. But on the ongoing thing would I guess be the moods that I have
the bipolar as well as the stress levels. And have noticed lately I really don't enjoy being around stressful people. Not I I ever enjoyed it. But what's kind of weird about this is I trained as a counselor, I spent three years in full time education at university to get a degree in counseling, which basically was me volunteering myself,
to sit in front of people that had extreme emotional problems issues. And being able to deal with that and being able to support that person. Hold them not physically, but you know, emotionally. And now I feel less and less able to do that. Market still do it. But I feel it, it's as if that makes any sense. I get some sometimes feel like I'm on a desorb in the negative energy from the other person. And I don't want to read that. I don't want it. And this is a whole new recording from a different recording for the one I was actually going to do.
But I'll try and get back to what I was gonna talk about. And because this is part of it, is I get distracted by sometimes other people's lives. And I don't want to be distracted by that. At the same time, I want to help and that's nothing unique to me. It's natural, isn't it to want to help other people
especially those that we care about. Where's the line between helping other people and keeping ourselves safe? emotionally safe? And you may say, Yeah, but JJ didn't learn this stuff in college. And the answer to that would be kind of Yes. To a degree. Because I was able, mostly to leave the counseling session in the counseling room. When I left, close the door, went home, I left it there to a degree by a human being, and something stayed with me, still have stayed with me. And there's one particular I'm not going to any personal details where any clients of course, as one particular person was crying.
And I still remember his face crying, I still remember it.
And it's 10 years ago. And it's not haunting me and I get nightmares. I'm not traumatized by it, by remember. And it affected me. And I think is something about seeing men cry has an effect on me because I've hardly ever seen a man cry
in my life. I think asuma dad cried twice. And outside of that. Apart from counseling when I was counseling, I saw quite a few were not lots by saw
men crying, as well as women. And young people. For some reason, it's had a weird effect on me as almost like an alien, perhaps because the era that I was brought up in 70s as a child, born in 1970,
boys don't cry. That was kind of the thing. So bottling it up, was the correct thing to do. Society. Then look at my granddad, he was in a war, Second World War, prisoner of war.
He went through stuff that I'm never ever going to know what it feels like. The experiences he had. were awful. And something I'll never I couldn't even dream about. In all fairness, yeah, I never saw him show any emotion. The whole time that I knew him.
He was strict. He was very calm. And he hardly spoke to me. But he was gentle at the same time. I never saw him cry. But I wanted to see him cry. I just never saw
it any emotion from him. So I guess he kept it in. Because perhaps that was his only way of dealing with that and also the fact that his generation as well as my generation, who even more about not showing your emotions and keeping in and don't show you weaknesses, because he used to be classed as weakness.
But it's not weakness. But there's some people out there that still think it is weakness.
To be upset to show how you're feeling I'm not saying that we should all walk around crying all day. Because just be messy. Wouldn't there be snot everywhere? But insert to lock it in. To to not at least allow yourself to feel it. That seems really why while it is really unhealthy, not just mentally and emotionally but physically can lead to all kinds of problems physical As we know, stress isn't just it's not just in your head is it is a body thing. Because if it was just in your head, it'd be a lot easier to deal with. Because stress affects our body, panic attacks, it's a physical things, as well as maybe a racing brain and you know, thoughts and all that stuff, but
it's how you physically feel as well. If you took that away, panic attack would be a thought it'd be almost an idea. Because it couldn't lead anywhere. The whole idea, you know, if someone's thinking, I've been always having had a panic attack, I'd be thinking, I'm not gonna be able to breathe, or feel this
deficiency or thought and there's no actual physical reaction. It means nothing. Although panic attacks generally don't mean anything anyway. Other than perhaps need to pay some attention to yourself, be gentle with yourself, address what's going on. Slow down, perhaps made changes, I don't know. It could be different for everybody. I know people that have completely changed their life because of anxiety, or change their life they've perhaps, you know, got out of a relationship that wasn't working, or they've left their job and go a different job, change their career, move to a different party country. Know all kinds of things. And then other people might actually continue with life the way he is, but do some exercise. Or do more exercise, learn to meditate? drink less coffee, eat healthier? become more mindful. learn to say no. Maybe learn to say yes. Because it's a whole thing, isn't it? learn to say no virtually learn to say yes could be quite helpful. She had a new company. And your person sitting next to you says, oh, bunch of us are going out.
You know, to the restaurant or whatever Do you want to come along? That might be a great opportunity to say yes. But it's down to personal opinions. Now what if each one of us has our own way of dealing with stuff
that never give up is what this recording was basically about. Keep going, keep moving forward. In fact, you don't have to keep moving forward, you can stop sometimes you got people climbing mountains, they don't keep going. They take your rest they have a break. Maybe go for sleep overnight and attend you know it's not continuous continuous the whole time have to have a break. be facing the way you want to go. And also, I suppose need to know where you want to go. Which direction traveling in without relying on the Sat Nav is kind of you know light taking responsibility completely. So if you get if you're traveling somewhere, the Sat Nav breaks or reception, whatever whatever happens like there, then you've got a map ready and you can read the map, you know, old style.
So making plans doing something for when things aren't going so well. Have something like a little emergency kit. Glue first aid care. I quite like the idea of a first aid kit for emotional well being.
And it could be anything, it could be watching DVDs, it could be having a day in bed. It could be just whatever it is, that takes you away from those feelings gives you a break from it.
Not permanently, but a break of arrest. So for me the idea of keep going, never give up. The keep going doesn't mean you can never stop. It doesn't mean you can never go back.
It just means that you don't keep going back. Because it's like times now whose time is always going forward. So we're always with time. We're traveling with time. So always going forward. Literally.
When you think about not giving up. Or when I mentioned not giving up on talking about the most extreme case of giving up or talking about generally, of course, the most extreme. And it's that kind of situation. If someone's given up on everything, then seek help. You know, at first instance, talk to somebody and get a help. professional help. You're not alone. You're never really alone. I mean, none of us unless you live in the middle of the desert, or you live on a farm 30 miles away from anyone else. He never physically alone. Not really. I mean, I live in this block of flats, and I live alone are bhaga Andre, so I live with Andre. But even if he wasn't here, there's within a few foot for me. There's someone probably asleep downstairs. Yeah. There's another flat across the hallway, another one across the hallway from there. downstairs, others go into the garden is another six to 12 people were never really alone. We never fall for people. They're always around. So in a situation, it doesn't have to be an extreme situation. But even in any situation, maybe you need to talk to somebody. They'll always people that you can talk to whether it's a friend family member, or actually calling up a helpline. In England, we have the Samaritans and I'm pretty sure that most western countries at least have the equivalent phone lines where you can find someone or maybe you can go online and talk online to somebody see never really alone. Not really. And I suppose with the internet, it's very good. One of the good things, one of the many really great things with the internet is you can communicate you can be part of something. He can listen to a live broadcast online. It kind of connects you in a way to the 1000s or maybe millions of people that are also listening to that or watching that poor board. listening to this while you listen to this, there's going to be someone else listening to it at exactly the same time, very likely. So you're not alone. So by never given up, it doesn't mean never stopping.
Because it's something that I perhaps say, never stop, keep going, will actually not keep going. But not don't stop by saying keep going, it almost implies that you should never stop. There's nothing wrong with stopping is it's I think it's the word stopped, isn't it, I've stopped now. It can mean different things, it can mean what I just physically stopped. You can say to me and my building, my website I've stopped doesn't mean I've stopped forever. I've just stopped for now. Apologies for Andre running around. Again, like he does want to make these recordings. He just comes alive. So everyone else falls asleep. When I'm talking, he wakes up. And he must find me really interesting. So keep going. Doesn't mean not stopping. Just means never give up ever. Just generally never given up doesn't doesn't mean that because you decided to write a book. And then you decide not to buy a book that you've you've given up as a mini given up on everything you just decided not to do that now. You need to keep going, in a sense of is all something else. You know, I could just reel off a bunch of cliches and I guess never give up and keep going it's just the cliches
so why one should I give you this the each day's a new day but it's true it's a true so true isn't each day is a new day each day is another opportunity
to almost die again. It doesn't mean that everything that happened yesterday and in the past has all been wiped down for gone because we're living in a real world you know if you if you owed $10,000 yesterday you know you're gonna wake up still owing $10,000
but doesn't mean that the stress levels need to be the same doesn't mean that we need to look at the situation the same as how we did before
maybe in a helpless way or some kind of chaotic thinking. So how are you enjoying the background sounds of Andre eating? I'll do you want to chuck them out the window for honest but they're not. So keep going and never give up. And there's another cliche you never give up on your dreams. Well, your dreams can change. So never give up on your dreams. It just doesn't means sticking to one thing forever. Otherwise, I don't know about you, but I had dreams when I was a child that I don't have any more. You know, I had dreams I wanted to go to probably China. For one one thing or today go to China and become a Shaolin monk, and learn kung fu you know and become proper
proper monk. And do that. By don't have that dream anymore. There was a time when I wanted to be famous comedian, I don't have that dream anymore. There was a time when I wanted to be, you know, brilliant salesperson. But don't have that dream anymore. There was a time when I wanted to have a ferret that was very quiet. When I made recordings.
I still have that dream. But it's not happening today. It's not about not giving up on your dreams. Like individual dreams, it's about never giving up on yourself. And always having a new dream. If the old one didn't satisfy you, or didn't fill the void or didn't, didn't, you know, I kind of think you know, someone was, for example, I can't do things like martial arts anymore, my legs, my back, I just don't have that physical flexibility to do that. So if I had a dream, for example of being if I the dream of being an Olympic gold swimmer, now, it's not going to happen. I'm way too old. Or if I had a dream of being an Olympic gold boxer, I'm too old, or physically too old, it's an impossibility would never be considered. I wouldn't be able to fight as an amateur in boxing, because of my age. And also, I've been too old for a long time. So I could cling on to that, and feel crappy, and maybe feel like a failure and, you know, give myself a hard time. Like it have a new dream. Which means I haven't given up on my dream is just a new dream.
And at the beginning, I was talking about, you know, the being affected by people that are being not being stressy, but have got problems in their own lives. And I haven't really necessarily got solution for that. And part of the solution for me would be to keep away from them. But human beings, they're part of life and they both stick to the script, there is no script. And focus. I'll give that a bit more thought may come back to you on that one. Because I had a bit of a blip the last few days.
never lost the dream. I want to talk about don't give up on your dreams. I'm not talking about dream as in doesn't have to be something so massive, so on unattainable or life changing.
It can just be something that you want to do. Something that you want to experience. So I will leave you on this one. This is been annoying to me because Andres running around, and it's distracted me.
He's distracted me from why normally do a bit Bobby's been slightly useful. But I need to get rid of that bloody for you so annoying sometimes I love them to bits but because again, running around he's literally running every part of the flat is almost size just got this huge amount of energy.
And they give you an analogy of never quitting never given up. This little fairy ball slows smelly bomb, Andre, he never gives up. His persistence is unrivaled. If you want something, he keeps going for it continuously.
And even if you can't get it, you keep going back. And you'll keep going back and keep going back day after day after day after day. So if even if it is a door closed, and he wants to get through that door, he will keep scratching at the door. He'll rip the carpet up who keeps scratching at the door. He'll keep scanner do it for hours and hours. persistence. Because I guess his dream in that moment is to be the other side of the door. All he wants is the door to be open. He doesn't like doors being closed. As soon as the doors open or come in, look around and he'll go out again. Or no interest really, he just needs to know. This is his territory is now suppose so he needs to have access to every room. Whenever he wants these persistent, he never ever gives up ever, never gives up. So I think I've learned something from him. I think it's quite good quality. It's an annoying quality for me. Because when he wants my attention as you probably heard during this recording, he will just completely trashed the place and make as much noise as possible to get my attention.
But there's something quite nice, quite impressive about that. The attitude, you know the not quitting the keep going.
Even though he stops but he's still got his eye on the prize as it were. There's times when he wants me to take him for a walk. And he will literally be staring at me the whole time. So I'm on the laptop or watching Telly. I can see his face looking at me. And then every time I move like he's doing it right now, he knows I'm talking about him. I think every time I move the chair, move about or stand up. He runs out of wherever us whether he's in a bag or wherever he's asleep, runs out because he wants me taken for a walk. Sometimes he does this for the whole day. And the other day he was doing it. He did it again. He ran out. I looked at me and he actually fell over because he was so tired. When I was sneezing I even got a virus. So he literally fell over on one side Because he was so tired and exhausted, because he needs to sleep about 18 to 19 hours a day.
And he was forcing himself to be awake. Because he wanted me to take him out. So although he stopped, he hadn't stopped. Not all saying that's a good idea for anyone to follow, because you will need to sleep
without determination. It's quite admirable, annoying, but quite admirable, I think, to keep going. And even though they are police shows, every day is another opportunity. For every second, we choose what we do next. every second of the day, we choose what we say next. We don't have to say anything, we don't have to do anything. The things that we have to do have already been done for us. Not the heartbeat, in breathing, that's just a natural stuff, we're not doing it. We've got nothing to do with our breathing, nothing to do with our heart, nothing to do with our kidneys or any of that stuff, the blood flow, hair growth, digestion, other than your suppose what we and if we take it and then exercise force that's going to affect it. But generally, it's all just an automatic stuff. And maybe that that sense of never given up is also automatic. I think it might be automatic in us. And somewhere along the line, sometimes people lose the sense of being automatic, maybe. And we need to sort of remind ourselves perhaps that we all have a survival instinct in us that we're born with.
It never leaves us. stuff to make sure that we remember that. And keep going. No matter what. So whatever your dream is in life is likely to change. course, I'm not giving you permissions, says your life. But I'm just saying that.
I know I've known people that have felt disappointed in themselves because they didn't fulfill a dream that they had from maybe being young. And they didn't fulfill it. And now they feel like they're a failure. And instead of thinking, Well, what else can I do? It's never too late to do something. The opportunity is there every minute of every day. But just behave differently. To say something different. And if I'm gonna go All I can do is apologize for the background favorite noises that we do have sometimes on these recordings, but today, things been a little bit a little bit more ridiculous. Feel like I said he wants a microphone of his own. So he could just eat into the microphone. But he might do a bad job might do better job of it than me. So, anyway, I'm going to go Thank you for listening, and the main reason the economy This is just because every now and then I have a blip. I call it a blip. And it's not that I lose my way, but sometimes maybe forget what's important. or forget why I'm doing what I'm doing. And to me, I'm not saying this is important to anyone else. But what doing these recordings I've been doing since 2006 is important to me. And it gives my life meaning. So I sometimes forget that. So I just wonder what in your life, you have the gives your life meaning and what dreams you have the future that you're pursuing, the maybe the journey and another cliche, the journey is more important than arriving. Lots of cliches, but a lot of cliches are there because they're true. So I'm going to go thank you very much for listening. And I'm gonna try and see if I can sell Andre online somewhere, some favorite selling website and speak to you soon. Thanks for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. Let's love bye.

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