#106 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "GERMS" - (Jason Newland) (5th March 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. And please subscribe to this podcast now like to talk about something that's very current in the news or not talk about the actual thing, but this is related to that actual thing.
And that is the Coronavirus and more generally common cold or even more generally than that germs, people's sneezing and coughing and, you know, that stuff, which for a long time, I have found myself getting anxious when I'm around people that are sneezing and coughing
and especially on public transport, when it's sort of a confined space. So that's what I was going to talk about and I've got a few a few ideas and some things that I've done in the past that I find help I have actually made recordings in the past on this subject, I can't remember where it's in the self help or self development hypnosis podcast but there's hundreds of them and they're there they're all there things get lost on so many recordings stuff gets lost in the mess of information but I suppose I just wanted to address it address every winter, but not just the winter but especially Connor this it's was it March now this period of the year when it's cold being on a bus I travel on buses and then on travel on trains too much these days. But if I need to get somewhere I live in the middle of nowhere so I have to get a bus really and being around people that are sneezing and coughing I really offer is almost like my stress levels you know the offset thing with a temperature gauge and you see it like in cartoons were just like the mercury rises and suddenly just pops almost feel like that's what's happening inside me.
And there's a found a few ways to ease it over the years but from another angle was was that account to come from different angles.
The first angle is, does it look there's a legitimate reason to not want to be around someone that's sneezing and coughing generally because it's not nice having a cold as hot as it's not a nice experiences. We've all had colds and it's natural to have a cold. But it's not particularly pleasant. I've had chest infections and colds though just awful. But, you know, it's just part of part of being alive, isn't it?
So, you know, it makes sense logical sense to keep away as much as possible from those people that are sneezing. That's all coming into play now all my not my ideas, but the way I used to think
for years now with this Coronavirus. They've actually got adverts on television and on radio and in the papers and telling people to do exactly what I've always
done in order to avoid catching this stuff and spreading this stuff. Now, I've always done this with a common cold.
And generally, when I get home, always, and this is what long before the Coronavirus. This is all year round, when I get home, if I've touched something in public, whether I've been to the garriage, garage door,
whatever, if I've been you know, it's to the petrol station, I mean, off, I've been on a bus I come in, and I wash my hands. with soap and hot water, well, not too hot, but you know, I wash my hand this off, and I've always done for years and years and
years. So that's just uh, now we're being told, we'll make sure you wash your hands and stuff that I fought like, you know, a four year old child would be able to
know to do but, you know, I've been in enough public toilets. Said know that people don't always wash their hands. You know, is this, I don't know how but it's amazing how people can walk out of a toilet when they've clearly been to number two.
And then just walk out of Ava and go near the sink, as Steph phenomenal. Can't get my head around that. But the people do. So you're not this recorder. For me. It's not about increasing the the
stress of germs and stuff. But the government, the society has not done themselves any favors by all these touch screens, in supermarkets, McDonald's, various places, even doctor surgery has a touch screen that everyone needs to touch to book themselves into the appointment that made the doctor surgery. So people are walking in there with all kinds of diseases, illnesses, and touching that screen and all sharing their germs, as well as sit in a room together. So that stuff plays on my mind. So this is what I do. This is how I kind of deal with. First of all, I refuse to touch those screens. Don't touch them. McDonald's, I don't use McDonald's very often. But if I do, I got to the counter and I pay I order the food not pay for it. I don't use self service tills in supermarkets. I go to the place where they you know I'm paying whether they go cashier. I know not everybody is willing to do what I do. But it's a choice I choose. And even if it means waiting longer,
I'll do it. In a doctor's surgery, I will not touch that screen.
I will go up and if they say to me they haven't yet but if I was to say you have to book in screener said sorry, I'm dyslexic, or I will say I can't read. I'm not mocking people that can't read or
dyslexic at all, I hope you realize that. I will say whatever is necessary for me to not touch that screen. While I probably say is sorry, I have a phobia of germs. I do not touch screens that are shared with people with other illnesses.
And I realize this you know that it needs a bit more gentleness probably than the way I just said
because people also listening. They're not going to feel very nice that people in the waiter moving in. He just said that I've got a disease
you know, so that's not very nice, I suppose and also the people working in a doctor's surgery. And if you if you're lucky enough to Have friendly ones, then you don't really want to annoy him. You know, it's so maybe not that route of not being rude, but just I can't touch the screen, sorry. I won't touch the screen. So I don't touch any of those Sherry screens. The only time I had no choice was in a Job Center. Because there was literally no other option. They had the computer big computer screens that you touch, neither option the other no other option is Agus catalog shop where you go in,
you have to touch a screen unless you order online. So you know, basically this reading that I'm sure they're not doing on purpose, but they are
spreading the germs by getting people to touch the same little bit of screen. So there's a logical side of it. That's logical. It's obvious that and now the government are coming out and actually acknowledging that stuff. telling people to be careful telling, telling the population to wash their hands. I just find it funny that people need to be told to wash their hands. But population does need to be told about Nick. So this we know this germs everywhere. But most of them are no harmful. So here, even I've gone on. I don't not here to make it worse. But I found the constant bombardment of press media attention on the Coronavirus. That's been in and it's been so massive, it's just nonstop. It nonstop. And the only way to avoid it would be to not watch television or listen to the radio or go online. It'd be your answer. There's no way to avoid it unless I just
sit here looking at the wall. So here's some techniques that I've used in the past, to combat my own. I guess self importance, my own paranoia, my stress levels. First of all, if someone's sneezing near you, they're not sneezing at you.
They're not coughing at you. They're not doing it to annoy you. They're not doing it to give you
a lurgi or, you know, wherever they've got that's something worth remembering. If their coffin is needed it's got nothing to do with you, you know, they're not doing it with you in mind.
You're not choosing to cough and they're not choosing to sneeze. They're not choosing to have a runny nose. And you could say well, I keep blowing their nose and wipe their nose well is there or do you want to watch them with snot dripping down their front? Me or reality? They're doing it because they kind of have to also there's another side of it so there's like where's the compassion that person on well? Yeah, it's not nice to have a cold. In fact, it's horrible, especially someone who flew his disc you know, it's really bad, very dangerous for people that got you know, that may be elderly or some kind of physical issues that make them vulnerable to the Blue journal ever is. This worth remembering? Not everybody sees me not everybody does coffee in his coffin because they've got a cold though everybody's sneezing because of a cold. Huge amounts of people have allergies, hay fever many people have physical conditions that causes them to cough, illnesses, diseases that have nothing to do with colds. They might have lung, you know, lung, diminished lung capacity, they can have all kinds of stuff going on a chest infection, that's not a cold is a completely different thing. So it's kind of like a where's the compassion towards your fellow human?
And if you're like me, you might think Yeah, okay, fair enough. But it did have to come near me. They have to sit next to me on the bus. Or do you have to sit near me on the bus so long before this Coronavirus stuff came into the news. I was I've always been quite vigilant.
And, you know, if I go into a supermarket and there's five cashiers and one of them is blowing their nose or sneezing, coughing, I don't go to that cashier.
That, okay, if I have to wait 10 minutes, 20 minutes, you know, behind someone with a cashier with four
big shopping trolleys. I won't go near the person that sneezing and coughing.
Because this just makes logical I just sense makes sense to me. So, but as a choice, but the sign side, or different side, I've sat next to someone in an office who had a full
on blown out cold, and I didn't get ill. And then our manager had a full on cold and he was sitting opposite me on the desk,
I didn't get didn't affect me at all. So just because someone's got a cold doesn't mean you're going to catch it,
even if you write in their proximity doesn't always work that way. It's not quite as simple as that. But there are ways as I said, of reducing your stress levels, possibly increasing your immune system. So which is like an amazing thing. For this, I'm just going to focus on the the stress level aspect of it, reducing the stress level aspect.
And feeling compassionate towards them. For me, helps helps in a sense of, you know, what, their coffin they might have a lung disorder, a serious illness, which is why the coffin, I can't catch that. And my, my brain changes the way I think about that person. So instead of being, you know, regular, regular, and it's more I kind of want to give them a hug. I don't really want to touch them, but you know, you kind of want to
I feel kindness towards them. So instead of thinking of them as a leper, I think of them as, Oh, that's terrible. Maybe, then compare that person to someone from my life in the past that maybe has been really real and, you know, then it brings the compassion. And I'm no longer thinking of myself. I'm no longer the center of the universe
just for a short while. And then I get back to become the center of the universe again.
And some stuff that I found is useful. And I did this a lot when I was going to college. I had to get on a bus every day
where I could have walked, but it was a long walk. So I was getting on my 234 buses that day sometime.
And that PPO coffin, splattering sneezing, blowing the nose, on the bus. So what I did, I started doing visualization techniques. And for me, it worked. Okay. My stress levels, it not only went down, I actually felt stronger. I felt invincible. So I did. And I mean, invincible, as in, you know, could take on a lion. But I felt like my immune system had strengthened. That's how I felt.
And I didn't feel afraid. There was no paranoia. But at the same time, there was no compassion either. So I'm just just being honest, you know, when I did this technique wasn't about compassion.
But maybe the compassion could be the lead up to this. So I was focusing on myself. And what I did I just realized actually something before I go further, if you can hear it is some birds in the attic.
And I heard this I was listen to a recording the other day that made as just the beginning, this is like this high pitched, kind of squeaky noise. And it's realize it's the birds in the attic. They've got a nest up there that how many of them up there? Anyway, here's the technique. So first of all, what I would say is I would never I'd never sit next to someone that has a cold. On if do generally, regardless of stress levels or anything, just logically can't take you away from them really. If you can. That's how I feel, because makes sense to and also the self isolation which is being recommended now by the government self isolation. For years and years and years. When I was at work, probably I don't know how many years ago, 15 years ago, I decided that I was never going to work while I was at work hold that is decided that set. It was about 2005. And I decided that if I have a cold, I'm having a week off. Because I don't want to spread it to other people. And I was working in an office with air conditioning. And I might as well just gone around just spitting in everyone's mouth. Seriously, it was just it, people are going to catch it for me. So I purposely self isolated for a week and had a week off. Well. The problem with that is if you're self employed, it's very difficult to do something like that. I had a chest infection when I was self employed. And I couldn't work for I think about 10 days. And I could not I couldn't get out of debt. It put me into so much there. Those 10 days are not working. I actually had to have help from family to get back out there. To put me so far behind it. I was only such A small amount of money as well. So I understand how some people would say, Well, I have to work. But then those people are going to be spread in it. So is it's a very difficult situation for a lot of people.
So here's the technique. Eventually, I'm going to tell you the technique. What I do if I'm on a train or bus, and this can be extended to other situations, by imagine I've got a barrier, almost like a force field around me impenetrable. Nothing can get in. I won, explaining what the word impenetrable means. But I don't think I've ever used that word before in a recording, nothing can get through it.
No germs, no bacteria, nothing. And then at the top of your head, there's a tube that goes all the way up, way, way up into the sky, where the pure areas what is air without any kind of pollution, or any germs, and he got pure air coming in. And in addition to that, you've also got healing coming in from the sun. Mixing without pure air, so the healing energy is coming in through the top of your head, filling your body up with healing energy, healing and rejuvenating your body and increasing and improving
your immune system. And at the same time, as you've got that barrier up to protect you against outside germs, you can actually feel yourself feeling more relaxed, just just right now I feel myself feeling calm. I can always get sense like down my spine. Particularly,
you're almost
t Glee kind of feeling that demo spine feel almost a bit tired as well. So that's the focus sit on yourself bit. So now what you can start to do is you can start to spread that healing energy, like rain. Solar, that healing energy is going into your body. It's also starting to sprout out of the top your head as well. And landing onto everybody's head, on the bus on the train, not a healing energy raining down on all
those people healing them from wherever germs or whatever illnesses they have. It's sinking deep into them and healing them. And you can have a vague kind of spread in this healing energy.
Wildlife this focus on the person that's coughing or sneezing, give them special attention. And imagine they've got a very similar boarder barrier around themselves as I have and having that healing energy going right into the top of their head. So that barrier is stopping them germs going out to anybody else. But at the same time they're healing energy that's going into the top of their head is filling their body with healing and getting rid of those germs and the oxygen the fresh oxygen from high up in the sky is going into their lungs, helping them to breathe easier. Hoping to clear out this sinesses and the lungs, the healing energy is moving into them, increasing their immune system.
And if this time, you could do the same thing for everybody on the bus or on the train. So you got your own. It's almost like everyone's got their own cocoon, that they're comfortably sitting in
that healing energy being pumped inside there, and that fresh oxygen, fill in their lungs, clearing their body of all kinds of germs and bacteria that's not necessary for their well being.
And at the same time, you can feel the experiences that you're feeling. At the very least, at the very least, what happens is your stress levels reduce your relaxation levels, increase your relaxation sessions and levels and feelings experience within your body and mind spreading through Yoo hoo so calm knowing the wherever you go, you've got that protection, that physical protection against those germs. Which means there is nothing to worry about. You can just feel relaxed and calm knowing that your immune system is strengthened to deal with whatever occurs. Now that's just an idea. Maybe give a guy if you fancy The next time you feel that way. And you don't have to be on a public transport, bus, train or plane. You could have the energy pa the healing power a fresh oxygen Park come into your body just by sitting at home on a chair.
Maybe think of someone else that perhaps needs that as well. And imagine them having that experience too.
Now that's the end of the recording. Thank you for listening. Remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve to be happy. Lots of love bye

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