#102 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "SEND HEALING" - (Jason Newland) (24th February 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Please only listen when you can safely Close your eyes. Please subscribe to this podcast. If you like what I do, you can send me a PayPal gift@paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland, links on the website, as well as over 1500 free recordings, audio recordings to stream and download pletely free organized on there. So it's quite a lot of stuff. So this isn't gonna be a long recording. This is going to be fairly short, probably, maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes max. And it's gonna be a bit of a weird one. While we're all a bit weird, but it's going to be based on sending healing to another person. And he might think, or say about healing. They want to heal other people. What's the word money here for? Well, she let me let me explain. Basically, it is somebody in your life that you feel perhaps not very kindly towards due to Pap, maybe their behavior towards you. So maybe an argument that put you down if being rude. Perhaps online, you've had someone say something to you. That's very disrespectful. And today, I had someone send me a message from my website calling me a fake. Not 100% sure what that means. I know what fake means. But I don't know, I'm
not really sure where they were coming from with that. So yeah, that hurt a little bit. You know, does just someone being cruel, saying something horrible is emotionally quite painful. For all of us. This is just natural. When it affects your well being, or when it affects
your life in the sense of maybe that person's at work. And I've talked about this before, maybe there's a reason you know, you perhaps don't want to go to work because of something that someone said to you or the way you've been treated. Maybe you don't want to go to a family gathering. Because as a member of your family that was rude to you last time you saw them or maybe you don't want to get on a bus because the bus driver was
unfriend unfriendly. Or, you know, whatever the situation could be is a million different possibilities on this one. So it's a case of focusing on one that resonates with your actual life. So what we're gonna do with this recording is actually send
healing to that person. And you might be thinking, why healing? First of all, how do you send healing? Well, it's just imagination. You just imagine in sending healing energy to that person. That's all it is. It's really that simple. So what I go through the process, I go through the process.
You can do it however you want to do. The outcome. When you see the outcome, you will experience the outcome. Swirl lights do to make sure you're comfortable. And you don't have to lie down to do this.
You can sit in a comfortable chair as long Unless you don't just on the off chance that you get so bored, that you fall asleep, make sure that the chair has sides to support you so you don't fall off the chair. So I said to me once years and years ago that they fell off a chair listening to me. So ever since then I've been telling people make sure that you've got support.
And it's more just using your imagination. So I want you to think of that person. where, you know, your stress levels, unfortunately, have a tendency tendency to rise, when you think of them,
it might be a new thing, you might have been getting on really well with them. And it might just suddenly happened. It might even be someone that you've not even met someone that you've heard about, you know, you're about to start a new job, or you may be new working with someone you've heard is a bit of a nightmare. Maybe someone else is about to start working there. And you've heard stuff about the mannequin, as against so many different varieties of possibilities here. So I want you to think about that person now. And ideally, I would say don't pick, like the most extreme situation, to start with. Maybe pick something that is clearly a stress, a stress inducing. person, you know, in a sense of that's your reaction currently. So, as an example, you know, if I think of those person that worked in the chemist or the pharmacy, and he was rude to me, I felt he was rude to me, I didn't like him.
Because and I didn't kind of want to go back in there, in case he was there.
And I was able to change my perspective, my feelings towards him. And now I get on really well, it really, is because I put a little bit of effort. And you know, it's almost, almost, it's weird, it's almost a joyful experience, picking up my prescription. Anyway. So I like to think of the person. And in order for us to see the difference, and the changes that actually occur so quickly, is to get in touch with the stress levels that you experience in your body. And in your mind, when you think about that person. One being very, very, very low. 10 being the highest it could possibly be on the Richter scale of stress.
And as you think about that person, just notice what level it's at, at the moment. And admittedly, there is a possibility that it might have lowered since she laughs thought about that person because now you're listening to me, you may if you listen regularly, there's that association with a sense of calmness and a sense of changes occurring, it's almost like your mind opens up to some of the possibilities of pause positivity, you know, positive positive possibilities, I could get the words out, that can arise. So you're there with an open mind. And you realize the things do change. And you realize that emotions can change quite quickly. So as you think about that person knows what level it's at, on the scale of one to 10 the stress level. Now you're going to do is imagine the from your heart area in your chest. There's a yellow Light, like a beam of light moving out of the middle of your chest. And you can imagine you have a person, you can even imagine them in front of you. And that beam of light going in to the chest of them.
You don't even have to visualize the person, just imagine you can feel it. Imagine that, because you can actually start to feel the middle of your chest. And it feels nice. Imagine that a healing being sent, even if it's just an idea of the healing, being sent and being received by that person. not consciously being received by them. But it's just going into their heart. It's entering their body, to healing the spreading around their body, healing spreading around their mind. And whatever the thing is that they did or said, or the behavior,
that healing is softening that up. It's softening that person, almost like it's internally correcting. So there was a blockage between the two of you before, but now that you've got that connection,
with that healing energy from your chest, into their chest, there's that connection which is flowing freely and easily. And you don't necessarily know where they are or what they're doing, it doesn't matter. You can imagine that that connection is there. That feed in in the energy of healing is leaving your body and connected with them. And the good thing about this kind of idea of given someone else love healing, wherever it might be, is instead of decreasing the amount you've got inside yourself, whether it be energy, whatever, actually increases it within yourself. So you're sending that person Well, you know, to feeling well into feeling, you know, happier, more relaxed. And in turn, you actually feel happier and relaxed within yourself on a more increased level. As that beam of healing energy still continues. Just let it be that just relax into it. You don't have to do anything. Nothing to do now is it's done.
You sent the healing energy to that person. So now what I'm gonna ask you to do is if you were, if you had your eyes closed, is to open your eyes. Maybe shake yourself off, maybe shake your hands, shake your arms, maybe stand up if you want to.
And now think of that person. And notice what level on that scale the we had before, knows how it's changed is how it's changed. And you might be surprised how easy it was for it to change
and how those feelings that were arising before in connection with that person. No longer are there. It's a different feeling. And imagine if you did this of everything, and everyone the freedom so I'm getting that sense of it with my chest feels really free and really light
almost feel like someone's given me some healing. Just I feel really nice in my chest area. It's nice. In fact, I feel pretty much completely relaxed. So I'm gonna leave you on that as a very short recording, don't get many short ones for me. So,
I'm going to wish you well. Remember to be kind to yourself, because you deserve to be happy. And I'll speak to you probably tomorrow. Thank you for listening. Lots of love bye

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