#100 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks - "FREE ANXIETY" - (Jason Newland) (19th February 2020)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, and this is relaxation, hypnosis for stress, anxiety and panic attacks, and lots of other stuff as well. I should add that to the title should lie. And please only listen to this when you can safely Close your eyes. Now, and to do also please subscribe as well. So wherever you're listening to this, please subscribe, maybe leave a comment. All of my recordings are available on my website. Jason Newland comm there's over 1500 recordings on there for lots of different things, not just these, this podcast, there's lots of other stuff, I also do. recordings for chronic pain, stop smoking, weed noise and what other things I have got other podcasts are really regular that I regularly update that I do recordings for on a kind of a daily basis or throughout the week that let me bore you to sleep one where I just talk kind of absolute rubbish really for about an hour. You could say maybe I do that in this one as well. But that's that's arguable, I suppose. And the other one is the deep sleep whisper hypnosis recordings that podcast. There are a lot, they lost about 20 minutes each. And there's the weekly sleep hypnosis weekly. And that's once a week. And as you know, there's lots of other stuff as well. So, lots to choose from. And it's all free as well as So, if you like the service, and you'd like to support the free service, please go to paypal.me forward slash Jason Newland. And as per usual, Andre, I can't believe it. Whenever I make this recording Andre pops out. Highly annoying. But hopefully you'll behave himself. So I'm going to do it this is going to be a technique. This is not going to be a long recording, is it going to be a technique? And is going to be a bit of a weird one. Okay, so I guess you could call it an interruption, you could call it it's lots of different things you could call it. But I want to call it the CD scratching technique. Or just CD scratching will be in the title. So you know, what if you want to come back to it. So hopefully I don't have to explain what a CD is. For anyone over the age of 20s is going to know that some people would have been brought up with mp3 ease. And maybe don't know, but I'm guessing most people would at this stage know, if you listen to this in 2030 years time, you might have to go online and google it or whatever search engine or processes used in the future. So in the old days, which wasn't that long ago, CDs, I'm not going to describe why CD is what away CD CDs, if you bought a CD, and it got scratched. It kinda was a big bucket. And I used to be a DJ back in the late 90s. And I kind of did the job for drinks really To be fair, I just did it just for a social, just a friend. Let me do it. But the I used to buy CDs and leave them there on a Saturday night. Come back on Friday night. And someone else had been using my CDs. So the bar staff Wednesday, Thursday night, maybe people during the day the cleaners wherever might be going in getting the CDs, playing it on the main CD player near the bar and then just chucking it, chucking it on a pile of other CDs when they put another one on.
So not truly in my CDs very very nicely. I saved my CDs but I was quite you know, I didn't own them. But you know, they were important, because I needed them for those two hours per night at the weekend. So when they were scratched it's very frustrating because it just doesn't work. A scratch song scratch CD does not work. Absolutely. miles will just chuck it out. say we have a DVD, a scratch DVD, it's even worse than a scratch CD. To be fair, if you've got a box set, like the old days, I used to get box sets from blockbusters. Again, if you're watching this in the future, you might need to Google that DVD and blockbusters two very popular things in the past. And, you know, I'd get through, I used to watch things like Prison Break or Sopranos or last or whatever. And then I get through and and, you know, the fourth CD DVD of the box set will be scratched. Be so frustrated. There's nothing I could do path and take it back. And then they'd refund me they blockbusters are brilliant like that there was refund me or give me another copy whatever they will call, but you ruined it. For me, it ruined the experience. Because I was really in the flow. Especially with lost I loved that show.
what this is, is the scratch in CD, or DVD. Or you could if you go back to vinyl, though vinyl is constantly fallen was one of those things that just keeps going. Vinyl will always be around because it's loved. CDs aren't loved, DVDs aren't loved. And I think mp3 is loved. There's something lovable about a vinyl record for some reason. So they will always be around. Even if they're not produced, the old ones always be for some reason. So you can use whatever you want to use, you can use an album, play your record player, CD or DVD for this technique in your mind. So you're not actually ruining anything. So wait to think about something, get in touch with something that has happened lately. There's really, really, it's just really got here. And it's affected you more than just being angry. But it's affected you in a sense of wanting to avoid doing something. As an example, maybe someone at work said something that you reacted to whether internally or externally. But now after the event, you kind of just don't want to go to work. Which is a big problem. To be fair, you know, something like that could cause the anxiety levels could just be horrendous for a situation like that. And I've had similar situations like that, we have not wanted to go to work because of someone. If that has happened, many, many, if not, I actually haven't gone to work, have left jobs over stuff like that in the past. But you know, that's why I've had about 50 full time jobs since I left school. But that's just me. So this is a way to maybe avoid the dress thickness of leaving a job or phoning in at all or being ill. So if you think about something it's not really about the thing. It's about the emotion. But the emotion is connected to the thing. The image, the memory, the thought, that's what the emotions connected to. I mean, you could say you could cut the umbilical cord. Cut the string of the balloon, the balloon blows off and you could do it that way. So but this is, this is another way of doing it, it's called it you know, it's there's lots of different ways to get to the same end. But there's that connection. When you severe or sever, sever the connection, cut the connection, disconnect the connection. There's no emotion connected to that thing to that thought to that memory, it's not connected anymore to anything. It's just a picture or just a little movie, or just a little memory. The content, he can't give you those feelings that you had before. Because a memory does not have power over you. A thought does not have power over here. I know it feels like it can do sometimes. But ultimately, it can't, if you decide that it can't. In the same way as if you got off, you got a five year old child telling you what to do. There are going to be times when you go along with it, because you just need a bit of damn peace. You just want that kid to shut up for a second. Even though you love that child of all your heart, you just okay, you can have a lollipop, you can have an ice cream, you can have breakfast cereal, Thea dinner, we just whatever just stop going on.
Which is okay now and then it's okay. But you can't do that all the time. Because then they're the boss. So sometimes it's easier to let them be the boss. But the more they do it, the more they expect to be able to do it. And we know that's the case with kids. The more you let them get away with the more they will try to get away with not even kids just human beings, I think. But kids don't know any better. They just assumed that they're the boss, right from the start. Because that's what happens when the baby's a cry, they get fed, they get changed, they cry, they whatever whatever they want, generally happens eventually. And they learn how to manipulate the parents. So you know, children are the best manipulators in the world. They don't get taught hypnosis, or any kind of things, ways to change the way another person's behavior. Children just naturally are able to do it. So inside my head and allow five year old, no matter how much you love them, to boss you around and control you all the time.
The same way you wouldn't allow or you don't have to allow a thought to have control of you. Just because something unpleasant happened. I'm not demeaning the situation and might be because might be horrible.
And perhaps leaving the job is the right thing to do.
And I'm saying this not saying don't don't leave the job because I've said do that. Obviously that'd be ridiculous. By left the job because I had a female who's in charge. I say female just it's not that relevant. But anyway, she was trying to bully me. And I left. And she was she was actually the manager of a charity Would you believe her children's charity. And she's basically started picking on me. So I left and I left myself in really bad financial situation. Which was really terrible. It was you know, it's really, it was a real financially bad decision. But I couldn't stay in Can you know, have that continue? And I suppose the reason I said it's a woman and I'm being honest, if it had been a man doing it, I don't think a man would have done it. To me, if it had been a man tree like that, it would have ended a lot quicker. It ended after the first blue first time, maybe I'd give the benefit of the doubt, the second time that the person was like that with me, I would have a word with them. And then see what happens after that. So but I, for some reason, didn't, you know, I couldn't do that I could, you know, kind of didn't feel able to do in that situation. But there you go, that's it. So I'm, and again, that was all down to the anxiety I was getting from going to this place where this woman was being horrible to me.
But I'm not saying leave your job, don't, don't leave a job, get, you know, speak to someone, you know, it's might not be it might not have anything to do with a job, you know, I'm getting focused on jobs and someone upsetting you at your work. It could be someone at bus stop, in the shopping center, could be a family member, it could be your partner, your husband, your wife, your could be a child could be a parent, could be a neighbor, any situation, it could be a pet. And it could just be that your pet is destroyed. A photo album, you know, your dog might destroy your photo album is the the only picture you've got left, if you have someone that you cared about as passed away, and you've got no other pictures of that person. You know, it could be something like that is as creative as you want to get it, you know, it could be something like that, that has that emotion attached. So this is about disconnecting that emotion. Because the emotion is was harmful. I'm not saying emotion is harmful, but that extreme emotional reaction which carries on which is then perhaps affecting your life and your future decisions. And maybe leading you to making some rubbish decisions. Rubbish in the sense of harmful towards yourself may be harmful towards those you care about. So again, this is about as I said, you could cut down the umbilical cord because you know, cut the balloon string to the balloon at the balloon. The balloon is the the thing. As soon as you know blueness, the string on a balloon is stiff, isn't it? It's standing up is you know when those magic rope trips, trips tricks, but with a balloon on the end. Which I think might be how they do them magic rope trick, I don't know, like a blown balloon a bit further up. But anyway, when you disconnected that string, this attached to that rope to the to the balloon, or if it was a rope attached to a big old balloon just becomes floppy. It just turns back to being string. It's not actually being used for anything
doesn't have a use doesn't have any energy connected to it. So you can look at either side, you could look at the balloon as being the emotion.
And you could look at the memory of being you know what's connected to you. So the balloons almost connected by the string to your brain to that memory that blooms the emotion and is walking and is like following you around wherever you go. And to be fair if you had a balloon following you around with this string attached to your brain sticking out your head with this balloon. Imagine how annoying that would be How would you explain it when you went out? How would you explain it to work colleagues?
You get called into the manager's office, Jason just had a few comments in the call center today. Wondering what that balloon is. So you can cut that string, let that emotion go that's connected to that thought or that memory.
to kind of be turned, you can do it either way. I like the idea of you can cut it now we can do this. Yes, we can do this the scratch in the CD. So it seems like another version of that. Flying kites. You got the kite flying. I used to fly kites when I was a kid. We had a really quite steep cliff. And it's quite windy there. And I know my dad seemed very happy for me to get as close to the cliff as possible as we were worried he wanted me to fall off, but I never did. And it was really windy, because we need to see. And it's shaking the whole time as well as very strong. You can feel the power so much. And that's kind of the power of the emotion in there quite as it's flying.
Almost like it's a struggle. Maybe that struggle is because it wants to get away.
Do you think that the maybe the struggle, the the intensity of the emotion connected with that memory of that person being an asked here and you reacting? Or it could be something that happened? Could it be a car crash and are trying to fall focus on something it's not too serious? In the first instance, if you're going to sort of play around with these ideas. There's something where the emotion stuck with your fingers without emotion. It's shaky, isn't it? It causes anxiety, which anxiety itself is a shaky kind of emotion, for me personally seems very shaky is not the sort of like tremors he kind of like an earthquake or volcano kind of. It's not gentle and smooth. Because then it'd be relaxation, I guess is full of it before maybe, maybe that emotion at negative emotion, the anxiety that stayed I mean, the initial emotion is emotion. It's nothing wrong with emotion. It's healthy. We're humans. So that's fine. I'm not saying don't have emotion. It's brilliant to have feelings. You have to open yourself up to the unpleasant wants to be available for the really pleasant ones. However, neither pleasant nor unpleasant ones should still be following you around wherever you go. Because, you know, how are you supposed to function and what you're doing a focus on what you're doing now. If you've got these little Impa lumpers following you around, on ba, ba da li D, the United side. Stop Leave me alone. That's what it's like with Andre, when he follows me around, like leave me alone. Sometimes just wanting to leave me alone. And just follows me around. Like on Pied Piper or something. So that energy, they hold that energy of the kites just blowing in the wind because it wants to get free. You hold them off in your hand. What's it trying to do? Trying to get free. doesn't want to be in your hand. So maybe that anxiety doesn't want to be in your body or in your mind. Maybe as she wants to be set free. And the reason that it's causing havoc and shaking and rattling like a moth inside your hand or a wasp will be trying to get out of a window. Over kite shaking in the wind, because it feels trapped. It wants to be free. Sometimes it's not even the freedom to do anything. Like in the past, I've got a cage unused anymore, but not for me for Andre. And there will be times when he'd want to get out. And he would make so much noises rattle at the, at the cage, really round. And sometimes I just lay I let him out. And he just he just walk us floor, I just lay down on the floor. He didn't want to do anything. That energy was gone. That energy of wanting to get out was released the second I opened the door, the cage, he just walked out, just wanted to be free, didn't want anything to do with the cage. Just wanted to be free. And all of the noise stopped. All of the rattling all of my anxiety, that exhaust getting wound up buying stopped, his anxiety stopped the atmosphere, the atmosphere, probably the neighbor downstairs probably felt relaxed. So I imagine she probably heard him, which is partly why let him out because it was making so much noise.
So if you've got that energy of that trapped emotion is trying to get our rattle in its cage. Why is it in the cage
basically just wants to gather case doesn't want to do you any harm, just wants to get out of the cage and just be set free to just go off. Or the kite wants to just be quiet once we let go of it will float off the balloon is on the string. A balloon with helium in or balloon just a normal balloon through outside with a wind it wants to blow away does not want anything else. But to blow away. And I know that I'm giving a human emotions to a balloon, I realize that. But that's the natural thing to happen is for that balloon just to blow away into the wind put helium into a balloon, the natural thing is for the balloon to just rise. And the only reason it stops at the ceiling is because there's a ceiling there. I see it's trapped in the in the room. But you take it outside. You see how far it goes.
So you got a helium balloon in your room. And so that reminds you that's the emotion and that's reminding you of something that you don't want to be reminded of. That's kind of finished. But it's like picking out like a built up emotion compare you know about a specific thing, which is preventing you maybe from doing what you want to do in your life. Whether it's traveling, getting on a plane, getting the job you want to get asking out the boss asking someone out that you really like, but you're scared of the rejection because of a previous situation. Well, I would say that at my age of kind of got to realize that regret. Regret outweighs rejection. In the pain stakes. Regret is way more painful than rejection. So that comes from a 49 year old man. Not saying it's true for everyone, but for me. Regret is way more painful than rejection. It's not to say that rejection is nice because it's not bad. Oh. So you've got this balloon in your room in this I've got this in a living room. My boys balloon they're floating sticking to the ceiling. Every time I walk in a room is there and I don't like that blue. I really don't like it. I really don't like it. I've got a real not that because it reminds me brings back that emotion, you know, brings up that reminds me of the feelings gets me thinking about that thing that happened. And because I've got a thing that happened and as the emotions in that balloon, and is that connection, it's almost like it's
connected to me. But I'm not, I'm gonna want to not come into this room
and eventually perhaps not want to come into this flat, I want to move. The thing is that will follow me unless I take it outside and say bye bye. Nice snowing, yeah, probably wouldn't say that. But thank you just let it go. And watch it flow up forever further, further till it's just a.in the sky. And then eventually, it's nothing can't see it. Hopefully it won't cause a plane crash, you know that obviously, you know that, that'd be bad. But generally, I don't feel I can fly quite that high.
you let it go. Not because you want to let it go. Or not just because you want to let it go. Because that's what the anxiety wants as well. The anxiety wants to be let go. I'm often your hand rattling, rattle, rattle, rattle want to, you can feel it going from side to side from palm to palm. It just wants to be let out. And sometimes the only way to let it out safely is to hold it in your hand and put it out of a window. Otherwise, it's going to get stuck in there. And you know, you're going to find it on the window sill upside down, drying out that I think I don't want that to happen to that morph, that don't live very long. Let it go Let it go outside and play with the streetlights and you know, just have some fun. So that's the idea behind this. And I'm go back to the scratch CD. Now. The scratch CD, although I kind of moved on to the anger in the little cage or the anxiety in the little cage. It could be the Andre technique. Imagine that though. How does that how do you feel when you think about that? The anxiety, the things and until that thing that's stopping you from doing stuff. Or you're attributing or you're allowing those things to stop you from having fun, enjoying yourself, going to work getting on a bus, going to the gym, going, you know going out to a nightclub or to a restaurant.
Maybe it could be lots of different things or simply leaving the house because I suppose there's various levels of anxiety as far as some people it's a specific thing. Some people is generalized some people it's it feels like it's all the time some people will avoid going to certain places. Now I'm I'm kind of still one of those sometimes.
But definitely been there. But to not go out at all is almost It feels like the worst one. I'm not. I'm not categorizing all, you know, grading. But just
to not even leave your house is awful. It's an awful situation to be in. So it's time if you're in that situation, and I've kind of been in that situation a few times. But not for Not for long, long periods of time. That makes sense. I've short periods of time when I'm like that is to start looking at what is it? What things what emotions are holding you back? What events are stopping you? You know, when you think about it, it's even in our brains, we think what's the event that stopping me? It's I'm not getting onto a bus because the bus crashed. Even though the idea of bus crashing is. Yeah, no one got hurt. But it crashed into a car because a car stopped. But it was traumatic. And it would be I get very traumatized by that. I say traumatized but I'd get upset by it. I've been in near crashes to taxi crashed once when I was in it twice. Actually, I was about to say these things hardly ever happen. But it was just
kind of freak accident, really, but nothing serious. But I didn't allow it to stop me getting into a taxi.
Because I put it down to the incompetence of the drivers, basically. And also got a free journey out of it wasn't like I was I hope this one crashes as well. So I can get a free free trip wasn't like that. But the way she it wasn't a free trip, they did try and charge me by laughter them. And I didn't pay. So it's probably an accumulation of different memories and different events, possibly, that's getting in the way of certain things, you're stopping us from doing certain things. And each one has an emotional connector connected to it. And if you think of that, as like, you know, it's an emotion is anxieties. Stress, wants to be set free. Is rattling. It's it's not calm is it's not a calm feeling, obviously otherwise, it'd be relaxation. So if it's not a calm feeling, and it feels unpleasant, then it is a disturbed rattlin feeling of something trying to get out of a cage. But it's not anything dangerous. I think that's maybe part of the reason why we maybe keep it in the cage. Because what if it's dangerous, but it isn't. It's a feeling and a feeling can't be dangerous. A feeling can actually cause you harm. It can be unpleasant. It can be pleasant. It can be really unpleasant and it can be beautiful. You know, it's just a feeling, it's all it can do is be a feeling doesn't have control of you, in the same way that a little five year old child can't have control over you if you don't let
it so if you just imagine it's the balloon, you let go to let go you know you just cut the string. So it's not following you around wherever you go off is a chi let go to let go of the handle which is you know, part of the kite the handle with a string attached. Just let go. The whole thing's blow off. Blow away. That's what I used to do. You know my dad got through about 16 clients a year. I used to say sorry, I didn't realize our 40 come back. I said so i saw i get my I get confused when quite some boomerangs a fee Believe me the first three times but after that I think he thought I was making fun. So open that cage. In fact, in fact, or if you choose, you could remove the door
from that cage so nothing else can be trapped in it again. And I'm not saying Um, you know, don't, I'm not saying to, you know, remove every single door of every single, you know, cage of every emotion or every bit of anxiety that you have all in one go. No, I'm not saying that.
But each one, you release each bit of anxiety or stress that you just let out of that cage. Then remove the door, dismantle it, so that nothing else can get trapped in there. So that's one less place, one less place for anxiety and stress, to rattle and to feel trapped.
So I'll leave you with the original reason for this recording was the scratch CD, or a scratched album or the scratched DVD. So I know it seems weird after saying all the other stuff and to come back to this, but it's a little exercise you can do. So I like to think about something and that someone's something is annoyed, you upset you to the point where you're feeling anxious or stressful about it, it might be a little bit difficult to get that feeling back now is the problem with these recordings changes do happen. But it's worth remembering that changes happen. They're always going to happen. Everything's always changing. And what you're doing, by listening to these recordings, is you're opening yourself up to changes, maybe being a bit more aware of it being more open to those things, what's been less blocked, unblocking those blockages to sentences and unblocking those blockages. So what is scratch the EDI technique? basically all it is. And I'll let you do this in your own time, I'll just tell you what isn't an algo. You think about something, excuse me. Or my little coffee throat.
If you
think about something has happened lately, and you got a sense of anxiety, or if you've got a sense of anxiety, or stress, and just follow that stress to an event or something that makes sense that it's connected to. Okay, so what you're going to do is you're going to put that anxiety and stress and have it printed onto a CD. So all our information, it could be a CD ROM, it could be Kiko about long enough floppy disk, or it could be a flash disk drive, it could be a hard disk drive. If you go inside a laptop, the disk, the disk drive is actually a CD. You know, it's not a snot, like normal CD, but it's still that's kind of what it is. If you kind of dismantle the laptop, or if you dismantle the harddrive to a computer. So you have got everything is being transferred onto that now motion is just being transferred onto that disk. Okay. Again, it could be onto a record player could be onto a DVD player, whatever, but let's say a disk and you wait for it just to be processing so you can just imagine it's doing it from a laptop you got you put the disk of blank disk into the drive. And now you're just waiting for it to process waiting for it to transfer those feelings onto that disk. Just do a bunch just one bunch of feelings first, you got to do everything all at once. You know otherwise, what would we do in the next recording? I don't you know, kind of you lose all relaxed you know, you've got to have if you get rid of all your stress and anxiety sort of now then you might not want to listen to me again. So I want you I want you to keep listening forever. psyche a little bit. So stick that onto the disk When it's processed, press the eject button. And use gonna look at the disk, this looks fine. This looks fine, you look at it, yep, it's clear, put it back in, put it into, you can put it back into the laptop. And you can play, press play. With play what you get when you get the play button, you press it, you get those feelings back. Now admittedly, you might struggle to get some of those feelings back the way they were, before you started doing this before you started listening to me. Because in I things change, things start to reduce the scratch in almost starts to happen as soon as you listen to me. So it kind of every time you listen to me another another bit of anxiety and stress seems to sort of evaporate on Sorry about that. But if you can, you know, if you try and get hold of that food and try and get into touch with it as much as you can, when you listen to that CD, the press, it plays no music, it's just the feeling. So whatever level if you think it's if you think like it's a one to 10 on the anxiety level one being practically nothing 10 being you know, horrible. So see what number is we're gauging in your own mind. Wherever it is, whatever number is. Now eject it, eject the CD. Because boring. Listen today don't want to be listened to that. And we're going to do imagine you've got Oh, it could be anything. a fork, you're not a cutlery, a fork, or a knife cutlery knife or cutlery fork or anyone it's something like that, and just start skur action across it across from side to side. But really, really make a mess of it.
It's almost like you can you can see the the anxiety just kind of little bits of bits of debris just kind of just being I don't know, almost discharged from that CD. When you're happy with the amount of damage and destruction you've caused to that anxiety. And that CD, you know, when you realize that there's no way in a world that could do anything other than just not play basically is destroyed, you destroyed it. You can basically just wipe it off a little bit so the debris is gone on the floor, you know, and you can put that damage CD back into the CD player of the laptop or just a CD player and then press play. Now what level you from one to 10 or 10 down to one or then 10 down to zero what what level is it now? What anxiety and stress is left in that now after destroying it.
Now if there is anything left, eject it and what you do now is you just snap the CD into little bits. You can do your hands, you can get some pliers. You can you can hit it with it with something it's in your mind anyway so it doesn't matter so you could get a hammer. He could smash it with a hammer. Whatever you want to do. You could get in your car you could drive over you could imagine you're driving on a steamroller. And you drive. I'd love to drive on a steamroller never been on one. I don't drive but a steamroller will be so much fun. Can you imagine? Because let's face it if you're on a steamroller it's got to be one of the safest vehicles on the road. And cyclists are going to get in the way or they say oh, anyway, imagine you just cycling you're not cycling your honesty Moeller and you're just crushing this stupid CD. That's of no use to you.
is gone. Can't come back, it's gone. That will never be a CD ever again. It's impossible, cannot happen, it's gone. Just like you're never going to get that helium balloon back. Ever it's gone.
You know, if you have a burger, a nice burger and chips, wavy or, or corn burger and chips, whatever, nice big, big meal in a restaurant. And then you know, the food goes through your digestive system, and you put it out in the toilet. You're never gonna turn that back into a meal. It's you destroyed that food. It's gone. So I'll leave you on that. Thank you for listening. I've got no idea what I'm going to name this recording because a little bit a few little things, but the main topic really is let it go. Free that anxiety. So often, that's what I'm going to call this. And even though I did kind of want to focus on the CD was a have maybe you can't do low double double nine. Anyway, thank you for listening. Lots of love to all of you. Remember to be kind to yourself. And, you know, I discovered I, I started thinking all because it's a new thing. Online, be kind, hashtag Be kind. And I found a record in from 2014 or 2015. I was listening to it. And I said, Remember to be kind to yourself. Because you deserve to be happy. I said that. Like five years ago, I was saying stuff like that. So who knows how long I've been saying it? I just noticed myself. That's weird.
I think is because remember to be quiet. Yeah, I'm I've been saying it for over 10 years. I don't know.
Wow. Anyway, it's not that I invented the sentence because I didn't.
But it's important. So important if you don't get anything else from these ramblings the iconic present to you do something nice for yourself. Please be nice to yourself. You know, some people don't know what that means. And sometimes I've been in a position where I didn't know what that means. And sometimes I have to give it some thought, What does actually been nice to myself mean, I'll have a cigarette, I'll have a big bar chocolate. I'll, you know I'll ever either leave something unhealthy. Because that's nice and makes me feel good. Yeah. But it's not necessarily being kind to yourself. But it's not necessarily not either. Because, you know, being conscious of doesn't necessarily mean being healthy. Boulton really being healthy is being kind to yourself is more of a longer term thing. So having your chocolate bar provided you're not diabetic, or got, you know, a physical reason why you shouldn't do that stuff. Possibly is okay. I say possibly because I don't know your situation. But doing so being kind to yourself and me is more an emotional thing. And what gives you the opposite to the feeling of stress or gives you the opposite to the feeling of anxiety. What gives you pleasure? What gives you a sense of relaxation and a sense of appreciation towards yourself or maybe towards your life towards what you do have instead of focusing on what you don't have. What What gives you
you know,
does that make sense? What gives you what you need, even if it is a small thing. It could be as simple as having a bath. It could be going home, or going back to toilet humor again, but it could be getting so some wet wipes for your bum. Instead of toilet papers, give yourself a little bit of a break. You know, I mean display bit nice to you bomb Hola, it could be anything. I can't help myself sorry. But just buying yourself something nice, a new pair of shoes, maybe watching a movie, phoning a friend having an early night. Not because you need to sleep but because you actually enjoy lying down on your bed. Because it's comfortable reading the book, you could start writing a book have a sing song. You don't have to do a karaoke. When you could, there's loads of karaoke videos on YouTube, pick a song you really love, just have a big dance and sing a song. It's whatever makes you happy. Some people like to be physically active. For other people, it could be reading a history book, it could be going through a photo album. And you know, organizing things it could be could be something doing some housework, or doing the laundry or doing the washing up some or doing the ironing. It could some people I've known to actually enjoy doing that stuff. They feel good when they do that. I don't and never will. But some people do. I like the end result with it. But I don't iron or no going to the gym. You know, it could be anything. So when I do say those words, at the end, be kind to yourself.
You know, there's there's a reason behind those words. I'm not just saying it as a platitude. It's just something that's really important. Probably the most important part of the whole recording, although I think
setting the anxiety free because it doesn't want to be trapped, which is why it's causing you problems and rattling that cage often is quite good for process there, which can actually lead to healing. So now I'm going to go thank you very much for listening. As I said, Be kind to yourself, because you do deserve to be happy. I won't go into all the reasons why you deserve to be happy on this recording, but I will do again, of course at another time because I love repeating myself. I love to try and find different ways of saying the same thing. Because it uses up time. On the record. No, it's just sometimes I find is sometimes I need to, if I'm going to if I'm going to learn a new subject. So when I first started learning hypnosis, I bought loads and loads and loads of books. And I was reading the same stuff, but from different vantage points. So I learned the history of hypnosis, and I learned some of the language patterns and I learned some of the just the thinking behind it and the science and much more from instead of just reading one book. However brilliant the book might have been. I just liked reading lots of different books. The same as what I did reflexology. Did I say reflex reflexology? I read loads of books. Because I like to learn in different ways. Sometimes it's a different diagram explaining the same thing can be the difference between understanding something and thinking what the heck was that? Was that how to make an omelet or how to do reflexology? I don't know.
sighs lots of different versions of the same thing. I find this helpful. And maybe that's why I do this because you could say we just do the same thing over and over again.
Possibly. Is it helpful? That's the only thing that that really matters. Is it helpful? Is it useful? If nothing else, nothing else matters with this podcast. Is it helpful? So now I'm going to go. Thank you. Lots of love. Take care of yourselves. And I'll speak to you very soon. Bye bye

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