#10 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (6th December 2018)

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Hello welcome to deep sleep whisper deep whisper sleep or sleep with buddy My name is Jason Newland, this is Jason newland.com so basically this is just me whispering to you. So I'm lying on my bed instead of being chose to lie on my bed or sitting in my bed instead of sitting in my big black squeak which is becoming squeaky with every day as we get closer to Christmas I think it's excited for Christmas might start to come down maybe I need to try and get hold of Dorothy for now as it evolves to find out what she is to
to help to stop squeaking can make it a bit more quiet. The thing is that's one of the issues of not having a recording studio is doing his own. If I'm in the living room it's not just the squeaky chair that's there it's also Andre my parrot he may be asleep the whole session and you don't hear anything. However, he might decide to start running around emptying carpets
if I put him in his cage then it'll possibly make even more noise so what I've done is I've put him in his cage for the night put him to bed
I've come there now I'm in the bedroom got the door closed I sit in up it's about just gone two o'clock in the morning on first day the I've got no idea what date is I think it's the sixth of
December 2018. So a couple of days ago I did a session deep sleep whisper and this is kind of like ASMR slash sleep slash relaxation just kind of whatever you want it to be really it's not a juggling act. So not anything you want it to be. I'm not a jar jam. You know I mean this is within the confines of me whispering to you that you say sessions or the beginning introduction to this particular recording my payment bit long winded these sessions are generally a bit more focused on the relaxing and sleeping, this involves allowing you to switch off your mind and let go. As opposed to the let me put you to sleep sessions where I just ramble on and on and on and on and on and on and on. And on and on, and on and on. About. I couldn't even tell you why I've thought about these deep sleep, whisper sessions, more focused in a sense that
you can listen to my voice. And you really can just notice how you physically feel in this moment. Sure, muscles in your body, start to relax more. With every word that you hear me, say, included in this next sentence, which is only this today, today's watch this on video, you're watching a video, when you can safely Close your eyes. Because you need to be safe. And it's not just about feeling safe. listening to me, it's about practically being safe as well.
If you're in a submarine, and you're in charge of the sonar system, which directs where you are, maybe there's lots of icebergs around.
Just don't listen to this because you might fall asleep. gradients, I can't go through a long list of every single possible situation that you may be going through at this particular time. Because right now what you're doing common least every possible variable of job and activity within that job, and workplace. I think it was 2006 together with a colleague, volunteer and at this alcohol, charity. And we will put together CDs for the customers, patients. I was recording them onto a digital file. He was putting them on to
the CDs. Giving them we're giving them out. Anyone to to write something on the front of the CD as a warning? to tell people not to listen to them when they're deriving not to listen to them when they're
trying to think of other situations. You know, it could be anything. Yeah, you're doing, you're changing the tiles on your roof. probably not a good idea to listen to her sleep session. But we realized that there's so many possibilities so we kind of came up with that together. I don't know if it was my idea was his are dead. But together we came up with one simple sentence and you listen to this when You can safely Close your eyes.
And that should cover up all possibilities. So someone's on a tightrope walking between two buildings, you know to break a world record then
if they're listening, they shouldn't be listening to sleep session you know, hopefully they wouldn't it wouldn't be safe for them to close their eyes
or if someone's in a canoe race or Boat Race like I don't want to keep their eyes open to
the finish line I guess. Not having asleep in the back of the boat. Unless of course they you know, there's somebody else take over the reins. To realize that boats don't ever rains. That's more hoses and stuff but I think it's a bigger space. Maybe that's what brain These are called brain days because they've got rains, but it does. Rain dead. Never thought that is gonna strike scratch my arm. Just notice even though I have not necessarily been focusing on feeling sleepy you can make to say you do right now that truly easily. Because there's something in your brain that just when you hear my voice is about my voice, but it's got such a boring voice and it's really difficult to keep your eyes open when you listening to me because when you listen to me
it's like your eyelids just something's happening and the muscles in your eyelids, those muscles that keep your eyelids open, just start to relax. Like little light bulbs turn off one by one. And this nothing to eat your eyelids open. There's no energy there's just so gone out when that happens when your eyelids relax, to the point of just closing that signal to the rest of your body to just relax
and go and you don't need to consciously focus on relaxing completely and letting go completely because these things and responses seem to just naturally occur within you. Feels so comfortable. There's really no point fighting. What comes naturally when it comes to sleep and feeling tired actually Even though you're aware and you're focusing, that focus becomes a bit shaky, start drifting moment, come to drift a little bit. And then you come back and then hear my voice and
you start to gain a bit and then you come back to me and you're focusing and then
come aware your eyes sort of relaxed. Your sense of your forehead, it feels smoother. skin is just being stretched out. Yeah, at the same time, completely relaxed. Focus on your jaw. Again, it's not just your chin, or your mouth, your jaw is pretty much the whole of the bottom of your head
is all the way down to your chin and glued in your mouth. all connected today. Focus on the jaw it's as if I can feel the connection where the jaw is connected to the skull is part of the jaw. Bottom which is the jaw which is just feels as if it's relaxing. With every second passing sometimes all I do is move around put in a different part of the house. Put on with mice. Just maybe open my mouth a little bit. That was strange is I realize I'm Dawkins my jaw doesn't get to be as relaxed as yours.
Because I'm using it at this moment, Eve my jaw feels more relaxed. And pride now I can really feel my chin. I can be I'm not touching it I can feel underneath the skin of my chin.
That feels quite nice. just sent. Maybe it's that sense of awareness. That sense. Just having the feeling it's just there to joy is always there. In the same way our body, our body, your body's there. We don't necessarily take notice of each individual part of your body all the time because that would be
one of the very unusual It would be pointless. And it would be a bit too much. Because during the day, during conversations with other people, it's distraction distractions. So you're maybe outward thinking outward. But now laying down on a flat surface on a bed, maybe sitting up in a bed, sitting in a comfortable chair to support your body.
You don't have those distractions by outside of just not now. Which gives you space and time to really focus on your own. vessel, your body. Because your traveling companion in life is your body. It's you. This is your vessel, this is your back. canoe, not that you would spend your life traveling in a canoe?
Because why would you get to the supermarket? The point is, this is what you travel in your body.
And if you had a call, if you do have a car, then I'm sure you believe it, you take care of it. If there's any physical damage, you go and get it fixed. You get an mot if you make sure those all working properly. Make sure you fill it with gas. So you got something way more important than a car. cars don't last forever lasts the entirety of your life. But your body does. So get in your car. Or attention means really, you should be given did say should because I think it's one of those situations where it's a must
must give your body even more focus and attention than you could ever give. of pirkko because your body is precious to you precious, more precious than any jewel, or any amount of gold or money or chocolate. One quite amazing things about focusing on your body is and I've discovered this many many years ago. Is it necessary to hear me tell you to relax. Just by focusing on your body. Your body already knows what's in your body and your mind. Know that you need to be relaxed You need to have these quality slave you need to eat, you need to go to the toilet, you need to
drink water you need to have human communication at times maybe you feel the need to listen to music. There's lots of different things that we need in our lives. And those things so many will be the same for everybody. Some will be different. Some people without the need to read poetry, or write poetry
and someone else might feel the need to do a jigsaw puzzle because they find that the focus of that jigsaw puzzle relaxes and calms your mind and your body. It can then get to the point where just thinking about doing a jigsaw puzzle can relax your body and your mind easily and naturally. In many ways to relax and to let go. There are so many different feeling of comfort that you can experience fear rather than lose re ready at pace with yourself can be quite a lovely thing. When you just let go and it doesn't need to be a big day. You don't need to perform a song that you've written about relaxing and performing in front of 200 people doesn't have to be a major event. No fireworks needed. No wrapping paper all that's needed. If you decide to let go all that's needed. Nice you find your body type A even necessarily need to focus on any part of your body. Relax naturally without any effort because when you take some time out when you distance yourself from the past worries distance yourself from the present worries distance yourself from future concerns vetting fails rarely to you can just enjoy that growing feeling of relaxation spreading although I can notice that there is perhaps one part of your body that feels the most relaxed and this may surprise you just now calm relax right now, seems some breeze and be just presenting its level of relaxation to you. See, if presenting you with a gift you can accept that gift of deep relaxation willingly allowing that part of your body to fall to become even more tired spreading that feeling deeply throughout your tire. Now, relaxation and tiredness continues to grow. sleepiness continue to show it so start To realize that you can completely fail safe fail all right back. Just play God car All right. Come on

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