#1 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)

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Hello, and welcome to Jason newland.com. My name is Jason Newland, this is the beginning of a new series, which is going to be daily relaxation. So I'm going to be doing a different video every single day, specifically aimed at relaxation, for anxiety, stress, and
panic, as well as like panic attacks. The reason I'm doing these is because it's very close to my heart, it's something that I have
more in the past and now dealt with or struggled to deal with, especially the panic attacks. sighs it's an issue I've dealt with, or had to try and cope with, for many, many, many years. I don't have so much the panic attacks anymore, as I used to, but when I did have done, it affected my life so much that I lost my job lost, kind of lost everything go into debt, because I was ill. I couldn't work. Yes, very, very difficult time. I thought I was losing my mind, I thought I was dying, ended up in the a&e or the emergency ward and hospital thinking I was having a heart attack on at least two occasions. It affected relationships and affected everything. Because I wasn't able to function, you know, I'd go out with a friend and I have to come home. Because I couldn't feel my legs, my legs just went numb, or because I was struggling to breathe. And excuse me, it's quite a strange thing to have gone through. So I thought I'd do a brief introduction like this. And then for the rest of the
daily sessions, I'll probably just get straight into it. And as I said, there'll be different every time. But this is day one. Also, they're going to be different from the other sessions I do because they're going to be short,
or may mean about 10 minutes per session. This might be a little bit longer because of the the waffle at the beginning. But ideally, I'm looking for about 10 minutes per day. So it just gives you a break from your day or maybe a start your day, maybe it's a good way to start. Maybe a way to finish your day, something to listen to before you go to sleep or, you know, whatever, however you want to use these sessions is up to you. But ultimately, the point of these hypnosis Sessions is that any stress that you have will be reduced. Any anxiety that you have will be reduced. Any panic attacks that you might be having will reduce so that you have less of them, hopefully so you'll end up having note no more of them over time. So that you find easier ways to relax, you find it so that you can actually have a gap like a space between the trigger and the actual reaction. So if you're triggered by something which normally causes you to, you know, feel stressed about it and go into anxiety. that gap can give you a bit of breathing space. And the more you listen to me, the bigger the gap becomes to the point where the only way across the gap is if you put a bridge over and you have to kind of take the bridge up every time like a drawbridge. So you have to actually put it down. You have to wait and It's a decision then, is a decision whether or not you allow that trigger to trigger you into those uncomfortable feelings and unwanted feelings that have messed with your life and have not been helpful generally? Or are you going to say no, I'm not putting the drawbridge down, I'm not going to allow those feelings, you know, it's a decision becomes a decision. The moment may not feel like a decision. But it will become a decision with mindfulness and with noticing how you physically feel, emotionally feel throughout the day, not just when you're listening to my voice, but throughout the door, the day you'll have an opportunity to make those small decisions. So I'm going to do something to start with, which is going to be probably the weirdest thing ever done, why I'm not going to
dress up as a clown or anything like that. What I'd like us to do is to actually thank the stress, thank the anxiety, thank the panic attacks. And I understand that it probably seems like a really, really weird, strange, odd, unusual
thing to do. But there's something about moving on from that. There's something about actually acknowledging it. Because the anxiety actually gets your attention, the stress, get your attention, the panic attacks, get your attention. This is a case of what are they trying to communicate to you, what are those feelings, trying to communicate to you. And in a lot of cases, it's they're trying to communicate, for you to listen to your body. Listen to your thoughts, listen to how you're feeling. Notice your stress levels, to respect your body, to respect your mind, and to have respect for your life. And to really realize that your human being and there's a level that maybe you shouldn't push yourself beyond. There's a level that you need to take control of how you feel maybe noticing how you're feeling. And that's what
hypnosis can give you as what daily meditative mindfulness, whatever you want to call it. Hypnosis can give you is by just taking 10 minutes out of the day,
to allow yourself to just let go. But at the same time, you can kind of hold and support yourself. So you're not ignoring how you feel. You're not pushing away how you feel, you're not trying to hold on to some pleasurable feelings. Or if you like most of the people in the world, you're not trying to hold on to unpleasant feelings either. seems weird, any of us would try and hold on to those but there is a comfort and familiarity. It's not always useful, though. So that's what these sessions are about. These sessions are a gradual process of gradual progress, a gradual moving forward each day at a time. And of course, you can always revisit any day that you choose. And go back and listen to this session. Go back and listen to session 10. If you want session 14 for example. Just keep going backwards and forwards. And if there's a particular session that you really found, most useful, then you can you know, put that in your favorites and revisit re listen rewatch, as many times as you choose to, it will be here on YouTube. It also be on SoundCloud.
podcasts as well. The links are on my website, Jason newland.com. So you can listen to them on Soundcloud or you can watch them on YouTube.
So this is going to be a daily hypnosis session for relaxation. Every day, this is day one. I don't know how long for, I don't know how long the daily relaxation sessions will last. But my intention at the moment is to keep it going as long as possible. Which is why I'm not going to try and commit to an hour long session every day because that would be possible, possibly a mistake to try and commit to that 10 minutes a day. Yeah, I can do that. And relaxation is pretty much the easiest thing in the world to do with hypnosis. Because well don't you don't need relaxation with hypnosis, in order to do hypnosis for other things. You know, you don't need the person to be completely relaxed. In order for them to gain benefit from a hypnosis session. I find it helps. And I find it always happens. Relaxation causes hypnosis causes relaxation. It's just the two go together. So what this does, is your whole body just feels more relaxed. And what will happen is, the more you see me, the more you see my face on these videos, the more you hear my voice, the quicker you'll become relaxed to the point where you'll just press play on the new video wherever they is. And you'll already feel relaxed just by pressing play on the video. Or just by seeing that there's a new video there. Or maybe just by thinking about me thinking about, you know, the hypnosis sessions and maybe wondering in your mind, I wonder what today's session will be like. And you can feel relaxed there. And then instantly, just by thinking about me, just by imagining my voice. So there's that connection, there's that link. And that's why we'd call a positive trigger. There's no need for a gap. No need for drawbridge for that one. Because you can allow that trigger to naturally trigger good feelings, happy feelings, healthy feelings. And to have more of those kinds of feelings, not just connected to me, but connected to all kinds of things in your life. Maybe being able to have a positive, relaxed feeling connected to the drive to work, or the train journey to work compared to maybe what you currently have, if it's not that just small things can make a huge difference to your life. So I've been talking for nearly 14 minutes, but I'm gonna do relaxation session now. And I wanted to do this introduction, because I think it's important to really tell you where I'm coming from, and to tell you what my plans are for each session. And, but my intention is to just get down to it every day and just do a new session and just start by asking you to close your eyes, it's safe for you to do so. Which allows you to do now what we're going to do is just an awareness session. And I don't know if you heard just as we were talking or as I was talking to them, there was some background sounds, which is really not not all I can do about there's not a huge amounts of background sounds here. I've got the windows closed. I've got the door closed. I've got you know, I try to make it as soundproof as possible. I closed As a tool, make sure Andre is not coming in and running around.
It's my little fairy, it's my son. Because if I have him in, it will be climbing up to
the microphone stand. And that's not really ideal. So if your eyes with your eyes closed. And I'll start off every time with asking you to close your eyes, it's safe for you to do so because I don't see the point in trying to coerce you into closing your eyes, you know, trying to lead you into some kind of eye closing scenario and trying to trick you into it or trying to kind of, you know, force you to close your eyes and all that stuff. It's much easier just to say Close your eyes. And then you can just focus on how you physically feel. And I'll be doing exactly the same as what you do. I'll be doing it as a speaker. So I'll be focusing on how I feel. And sometimes I'll mention how I feel physically. And I do try and make it as vague as possible to try and fit in with everybody that's watching the video or listening to the audio. Because I know that we've all got our own ways of perceiving things. So I don't try necessarily to be too specific, but sometimes I might be. And you just have to forgive me if, if I'm too specific on some, in some ways. Fortunately, your unconscious mind knows this. And it knows that really, whatever you need or require, your unconscious mind will support you on that. And because the intention is there, the intention is there within you to relax. That's why you're listening to this session. That's why you're sitting there or lying down. However, whatever position you're in, with your eyes closed, listening to my voice, that's why you're doing this because your intention is to relax. And because your unconscious mind knows that. It therefore communicates with me by listening to my words, and allowing you to relax in whatever way is suitable for you. in whatever way, you know, the words that come out of my mouth will be then interpreted into your unconscious mind, towards your body, your mind or the muscles in such a way as to allow your body to feel more relaxed and calm, naturally and easily. And it's not really anything that you need to do, you can just follow the words that I say it's more a case of just noticing. just noticing how you physically feel as I've maybe focus on certain parts of your body may be your shoulders, your right and left shoulder. Perhaps you weren't thinking about your shoulders until just a second when I mentioned that. But now you can focus on your shoulders, you can notice your shoulders relaxing. your arms and your hands. Also relaxing. Your forehead,
the jaw,
relaxing and you are eyes you know your eyelids, all the tiny little muscles around your eyes.
relaxing your mouth from your tongue, your gums, your teeth, all relaxing your throat relaxing. Then you've got your head at the top of your head.
And pretty much the whole of your scalp all the way down the back of your head, the side of your head and your is
relaxing the back of your neck and all the muscles that connect and all those parts of your body, the spine, the airwaves that choose where the food goes through your stunning mouth, into your stomach. All that area in your neck, such an important area, all relaxing. And you're back all the way from the upper back, through the middle of your back, all the way down to your lower back, relaxing. And you could feel that sensation in your chest relaxing the feeling in your stomach, your abdominal region and the sides of your stomach, the sides of your body, joining your stomach, your front and your back or relaxing. Your hips are such an important part of your body, your hips take a lot of strain throughout the day, continuously, whether you're sitting up or wherever you're standing, turning, your hips are constantly taking the weight of your upper body
that acts in your groin area. relaxing your buttocks. Again, another area that's quite often ignored when it comes to relaxation techniques. But
it's a place that can really hold tension. I know for me, I find it quite tense in my buttocks. Especially sitting down for long periods of time. It's nice to actually feel that sense of relaxation. Go deep inside, relaxing all the muscles of your buttocks. Now focusing on your thighs, they take a lot of stress as you're walking around. It's a large part of your body, your thighs. And I take it the they're not your body, it's your limbs, but it's a large part. So lots of muscles, their large muscles. And anywhere where there's a large muscle mass stress can be held, sometimes even hidden. So you can allow both of your thighs to relax deeply.
Allow that relaxation to really sink inside. Now noticing your knees another really important part which is often ignored. For the knees. Sometimes we don't realize how important the knees are to us
until one of them doesn't work very well, for whatever reason due to an injury or something like that. Then you realize just how important your knee is. So allowing your knees to relax deeply and you can spread that feeling from your knees, all the way down your calves, your shins, your ankles and into your feet and your toes. Allowing all that feeling of relaxation. Just a flow for your body from your toes. Again, back down to the top of your head all the way down your body face, the neck, shoulders, chest and back, stomach, groin, Hips, legs all the way down to your toes. And against it net relaxation again, from the top your head all the way down. Just allow that to continue to swirl, gently and softly. And as that happens, as that relaxation increases in your body, and in your head, we can start to get a feeling a feeling of gratitude, a sense of being thankful doesn't matter how strong this feeling is, doesn't matter how powerful the feeling is. It doesn't have to be forced at all.
It's just there naturally disallowed to be there. You can attach those feelings to the words. You can just repeat after me the following three sentences. The first sentence Thank you. anxiety. I'll say it again. You could say the same time.
Thank you. anxiety. Yes, allow that to be absorbed into your mind and body. And the next sentence Thank you stress. Again, I'll say it again. And you can say at the same time as me
to get it double the power. Thank you. stress. last sentence. Thank you, panic attacks. We Peter and you can say at the same time as me
now thank you panic attacks. And allow those words, those feelings to be absorbed into your body and into your mind. Because what you're doing right now is saying to the anxiety that you're no longer afraid or that you tell him the anxiety is no longer an enemy to be feared. You're telling the anxiety, that you realize that it's there for a reason. And you're telling it that you've learned the reason and you're going to do something about it. You're telling the anxiety that you no longer needed. So thank you, anxiety be no longer needed. You proven that by listening to my voice. You proven that by watching this video. You proven that by giving yourself relaxation by giving yourself permission to make those gradual changes which will change your life by saying thank you to stress again your talent is stressed. You appreciate what it's done. You appreciate how it's guided you to realize that you need to make changes for your own health. You're also telling the stress, thank you, but you no longer need that stress anymore. Because you're moving forward with relaxation. you'll move forward in a new direction of calmness. Changing your life in a positive way, by thanking the panic attacks, you you're basically saying thank you for the warning. Thank you for letting me know that I need to make changes. Thank you for letting me know that I needed to be more aware of how I physically feel, and how
I emotionally feel. Thank the panic attacks for alerting you of yours stress levels that need to be reduced. for allowing you to make those changes that have led you here listening to my voice, watching my video,
making positive changes as you travel forward, in this new direction, towards happiness, deep, deep relaxation and towards a life worth living. With a mind of comfort, open and healed. As your body also heals more every day. As you let go, gradually of those things are no longer necessary.
And you embrace those things that make your life wonderful. And worthwhile. I'm going to count from one to three and when I get to three. That will be the end of this session for today. One, two, and every time you hear my voice or see my videos, you'll naturally and easily become completely relaxed 123. So you can open your eyes if you choose to do so. That's the end of this session, as I said earlier on saying it now, but I wasn't intending for it to be this long. I'm intending the sessions to be about 10 minutes on the average daily session. They may go over. But that's my aim. I can't always always very good at doing short things because I waffle on so much. But I'm going to attempt to do short relaxation sessions. So I will be here again tomorrow. Thank you very very much for watching. I'd love it if you could subscribe to this YouTube channel. If you could like the video if you indeed like it. And please leave a comment and I will see you tomorrow. Thank you Bye

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