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Loved listening to you talk about Andre.

#14 Jason’s Bed Time Story Time - "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" Adapted by Jason Newland (ARCHIVE) 10 HOURS TALKING WITH MUSIC
Dianna Mackley
So funny

I love this version of Jack and the Beanstalk. I couldn't listen to it all as I kept laughing, instead of sleeping.
Love, Dianna from New Zealand

#27 Jason’s Bed Time Story Time - “365 FARIES NECKLACES" Adapted by Jason Newland (7th February 2022) 5 HOURS TALKING WITH MUSIC

Love, love, love what you do for us Jason. Thank you

#28 Hypnotic Buffet - Jason Newland
Great Message

Thank you for your message.

#217 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress - “POURING HEALING RELAXATION & SAFETY INTO YOUR BRAIN" Jason Newland (21st December 2020)
Going into an Operation

I listened to this as I was waiting to be taken into the operating theatre and it worked wonders for me. I was still stressed and anxious but the levels were greatly reduced. I always listen to Jasons recordings for sleep. There is something for everyone!

#27 Hypnotic Buffet - Jason Newland
Beautiful Man.

Jason Newland is doing a brave and hard job to put stuff out here for us all. He has my back up. Thank you Jason Newland. I appreciate you!

#725 Let me bore you to sleep ”LIVE FACEBOOK STREAM” - Jason Newland (12th September 2021)
My sleeping partner

Just gets better and better, the best sleep hypnosis for getting off to sleep abs let me bore you to sleep is so entertaining and helping me to settle down and relax. Thank you for your help

#726 Let me bore you to sleep ”RAJINA UNSENT ME A PICTURE OF A TOILET” - Jason Newland (13th September 2021)
Teresa Johnston
How can I sleep while laughing?

I stumbled upon Jason's bore you to sleep 5 hour podcasts 1 week ago and I have to say I have taken several successful naps at night because of him!!! But now..(maybe because I have gotten to know his podcast personality a little) he is becoming funnier each episode. Tonight while listening, (Rachel sent me a picture) I have busted out laughing at least 6 times and I thought to myself how am I ever going to fall asleep when he is this comical??? I took his advice and decided to leave him a review, for his stats of course.
From his funny voice changes, exaggerated half true story telling, sudden topic switching and silly will laugh and then eventually fall asleep and that is the truth!!!
Now, let me get back to my funny sleep session. Thanks Jason, T.

#665 Let me bore you to sleep “I WENT TO GRACELAND TO SEE MICKEY MOUSE” - Jason Newland (5th June 2021)
A New Bore You to Sleep- HOORAY!!

I love hearing about your days so very much! You pegged me when you were talking about making noise because you don't want to stop and think. I definitely used to be that person. Listening to your lovely voice call me out softens the blow some lol. Thank you for sharing this with us. Take all the time you need to sleep. Sleep is incredibly healing after a loss. I'm glad you took some time to process and grieve. Much love from Canada

#274 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress - “SUPERMAN RE-ENERGISING" (7th May 2021)
Alice Kristovskis
100/10 would reccomend

Jason's recordings are just the things i need to help me get to sleep as i have to wake up a lot in the night for school and this always helps me get to sleep thanks a bunch jason keep up the amazing work.

#303 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis “RELAXING YOUR VAST MIND” (Jason Newland) (22nd February 2021)
Brad Kunkel
Best webnotist out here

His relaxation recordings could put a Tasmanian devil to sleep. Bravo, Jason!

#643 Let me bore you to sleep “MEMORIES FROM THE PAST” - Jason Newland (20th April 2021)
I can't sleep with anyone else!!

His relaxation hypnosis with his lovely voice are always the last thing I hear each day and I love it. As for boring me to sleep, I can't say I always fall asleep because I end up giggling and I don't find him boring at all but it's still leaves me in a better state of mind, enough so, I fall asleep easily. This podcast decreases my stress and anxiety always. Thank you for sharing your life, Jason. Mine is better for it. ❤️

Hope (from Canada)

#4 Relaxation Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Jason Newland)
Charles Nickell
The first was the best

This was the first of Jason’s sessions that I listened to and it’s still the first one I always come back to.

rebecca flores
Simply the greatest!

It can be extremely difficult to find a good therapist and even more so, one you can build a good rapport with. Jason is an instantly likable person! Between his wit, knowledge, wisdom, and genuine desire to help, it’s hard not to keep his as your go to when stressed. His voice is at a perfect tempo, melodic, hypnotic, his enunciation is impeccable. He also seems unlimited where computer editing is concerned :)

#1 Jason's Story Time - "THREE BEARS" Jason Newland (1st July 2020)
Loved it!

This made me laugh out loud many times! Please do more! 😆

Let me bore you to sleep 21-40 (BULK DOWNLOAD)
Rachel Elizabeth
Let me bore you to sleep

Jason is great and really helps me go to sleep.

Sleep 51-100 (BULK DOWNLOAD)
My night friend

What would I do without you; your soothing voice and amusing subjects help me slip off to sleep each night.

Sleep 1-50 (BULK DOWNLOAD)
Kristen Maier
Best sleep

I always fall asleep before the recording is over, usually within the first few minutes. The only guaranteed method for me.

Sleep 151-200 (BULK DOWNLOAD)
To Marry Jason

It would be good to wed Jason, as I have become so used to listening to him every night before I fall asleep
Don’t know what I would do without the podcasts? Other than have him beside me every night!
It’s not just his soothing voice, he is also funny and makes me smile, as he changes his tone and style of voice and comments on points he raises in the various subjects he discuss.
I’m also impressed with his affection for animals.
We have so much in common, so as I get down on one knee; ‘please marry me’? xx

Bored 301-350 (BULK DOWNLOAD)
Cooooool! 💖

Love the Bulk! I will be entertained and chilling out for days!! Thank You 😊

Weekly #36
Laura Lomax
#36 With Music

This (with music) sent me to sleep twice as fast as usual! I can’t do the ASMR whispering stuff, and I generally find this particular podcast is the one that helps me sleep the most, but if you could do more like this with the gentle music you’d honestly save me.

With so much going on in the world, I’m self employed and my work has all been cancelled so I’m constantly in a state of panic. If I had money going spare right now I’d help via and I’m sorry to not be able to but I’m so grateful for this amazing service.

RELAX AND ACCEPT YOURSELF (2017) - Jason Newland
Gaynor Butterwick
I listen to Jason more thsn my other half!!!

Jason's hypno recordings for stress and anxiety are amazing. I was felighted to find a therapist whose voice didn't grate on me 😁


I just found this session, and finished listening right now. I have alot of frustration tests that cross my path. I believe I shall listen to this everyday when dedicating some quality time to myself. I am going to share this with my minion and I can only say with much optimism that it shall help the both of us greatly.


#302 Let me bore you to sleep - Jason Newland (15th January 2020)
Its been a while

My minion and I had been neglecting to listen for a few weeks however I noticed internally and circadian wise a major difference. (Negative for us). WOW its so noticable how for the both of us our stress levels rose. Definitely have to get back into the "loop"!!! On the frame of moving, Man oh Man can I relate! I moved from the city to middle of nowhere USA and its sheer depression for myself. Too far from the hospital, civilization, public areas of interest, and ect. I would love to pick up my familiar comforts and plant in a mildly stimulating area of access.
I will be sure to check up on the twitter link. Thank you for sharing that and the new uploads they are truly a medication for the non stop gear grinding brain at night.

Deedee and I hope Andre has been his sweet feisty self as usual and send our best wishes to the both of you from across the pond my friend. XXOO

#169 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (16th December 2019)
Aimée Naylor
Very peaceful!

I struggled to find a sleep podcast that would work for me but I have found it in this one!