Soundcloud Podcast is up and running

Posted by Jason Newland on

Cute Pup listening to Jason Newland on Soundcloud Podcast

Hi. After 10 days, my new Soundcloud podcast is now ready and usable. I've also submitted it to Itunes. I do feel a bit sad that I got rid of the old podcast which I had for 2 years, and had over 200,000 listens / downloads. Anyway, the new one is now sorted. I have embedded every audio session into this website. All sessions can be streamed free. I will now start to do some cross connecting links. (what the hell does that mean?) Basically, I'm going to be connecting all the different pages and downloads with each other. That probably still doesn't make sense, but I know what I mean. but quite nice. 

Last night I made the first recording for a  couple of weeks. It felt a bit weird, but quite nice. It was "#45 Let me bore you to sleep". I intend to get producing more. That is the one thing that I miss, when I'm spending lots of time working on this website. I need to find a balance. #

So, I need a poo, soo see ya later. Jason Newland. xx



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