This is my 1st blog post

Posted by Jason Newland on

So this is my first blog. I thought I would start this blog because it’s been years since I did any kind of blogging so here I am. I thought you be a good way to communicate with you and also I can update you on the latest recordings that I’m doing as well as what’s going on in my life as well.

Therefore blah blah blah.
I honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about in the future but then again I do talk for about an hour every day on my let me bore you to sleep podcast. So this is probably probably going to overlap with that a little bit but it’s okay I just thought it be something to do.
So here we are here we are just chilling.
There’s not a lot happening today. I have watched some TV I’ve watched some YouTube videos and I’ve pretty much been procrastinating because there was a lot of work to do on my website and I can’t be assed to do anything.
I’ve hardly seen Andre at all as he seems to be in hibernation which is okay I guess. He seems to be spending quite a lot of time sleeping on my bed which is something that he does in the winter so I’m guessing he’s probably in there now having a proper old snooze, enjoying spreading out. The amazing thing is considering the fact that he is a tiny little ferret he manages to actually take up the whole of the bed. And it’s a big double bed.