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Good morning. bloody early. 

Isn't it weird how I spent all those years up all night awake and now I'm in bed by 10pm most nights. I blame Thailand. It messed with my internal clock. (I don't mean the one I inserted into my bum)

So, your sister contacted me yesterday eve. She said that she can take Loggie. I will speak to her today and arrange that. I will miss him, but he needs to get into some kind of security. I think he will be happy with her, as she is his Aunty. 

I won't have any thing to wear for your funeral on Friday. Don't worry, I will have clothes on, just not the traditional smart dress as is expected. I'll just need to wear my normal clothes. Hope you understand. I was thinking of wearing my pink crocs, as I thought that would make you laugh. It possible upset others. (even more reason to do it).

 You may not know this about me, but I used to keep a daily journal for years. Yep. All my material was in those pads. I'd sometimes spend hours writing. It seemed to help. The last time I remember writing regularly first thing in the morning, was when I was a security guard in 1997. 

I was living in Green street, Upton Park. I was working in Covent Gardens securing the new Opera house that was being built. I was doing 12 hour day shifts I think. I remember I would wake up and get my self some toast and a cup of tea. Then sit in bed eating it whist writing in my journal. It felt like quite a nice way to start the day. 

I was just interrupted by a very grumpy Loggie who just got out of bed and demanded to go into the garden. So, I just took then chuckle brothers outside and it is COOOOLD. Oh yeah. Both of them did poos. I shall pick them, up in a few hours when daylight has arrived. 

I'm now going to have my breakfast. Something strange happened last night, but I will tell you about it later. 

Take care. xxxxxx

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