It's Thursday

Hi Luke

Another day. Just got up. It was a little cold last night in bed, off & on. The boys were quiet for the duration, which was nice. I didn't get woken up super early, like last 2 days. Although it is 3.40 am, that's about normal for me. I'm usually up around 4 or 5 in the morning these days. I wonder if I'll ever go back to being nocturnal. 

Now, I'm trying to think of some news I can give you. Oh yeah, the UK government spent all day arguing about the Rwanda Ting. Whilst Israel is still at war with an invisible enemy, There is also conflict in the main shipping lane of the world. So there are missiles going off there. Oh yeah, our Country is sending 20,000 troops to Ukraine to participate in a United Nations exercise, to prepare for defending against Russia. (Sounds familiar). Also Iran started bombing Pakistan. So a busy day. 

The girls are now hassling me to go outside, so I shall depart. Bye xx

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