it's 2.13 am

Hellloooo Luke

I've been awoken again by Vinnie and your giant dinosaur of a dog. They were just both staring at me. I didn't know if they wanted to go into the garden for a toilet or if they wanted to eat me. Vinnie was wearing a little white bib and was holding a knife & fork. But he often does. He calls that his "casual look".

Anyway, they both went into the garden with me and both did wees. Vin did a big old poo. I think Loggie is still growing his next poo ready for giving birth to it in a few hours. When he goes into labour, we all have to move pretty quickly. 

 I watched the new Marvel movie "The Marvels" or whatever its called. I think Disney may be ruining the whole franchise. Each film released seems to be a little bit Disney. This latest one had a dancing and singing scene. All I can say, is, I struggled. It was entertaining and probably a great film, I just found it a wee bit shite. Mostly fun, but with a hint of fresh cows bum sprinkles, (if you know what I mean). 

Oh, I suppose you've guessed. your boy is still here. Yep. Your sis will be taking him soon, I'm just waiting to hear. 

I've been in contact with your Dad. He seems ok. Heart broken, of course, but alright ish. 

There is other stuff that I can't really tell you on here, but its been challenging. It's kind of funny, but no matter what happens, life just plods on as normal, almost.

Lots of military conflicts that UK are involved in. Apparently we are sending 20,000 troops to Ukraine to join in a United nations military exercise. (isn't that what Russia called their gathering of troops on the border of Ukraine all those months ago. "An exercise". 

Vinnie is now under the table, sitting on my foot & staring at me, as If there is something I have forgotten to do. I know not wot.

Any poo, I'm now going to have my breakfast. Oh yeah it's proper cold. You wouldn't like it. I do wish I could hear you moaning about the weather again.


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I miss you too mate


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