I'm too tired for this


It's 5.11 am on this Friday morning in February. yay! The excitement. 

I am amazed at how quickly the weeks roll by. Vinnie spent half the night sleeping on the sofa instead of my bed. I think he just sometimes needs a break from all the farts. And of course, reciting Shakespeare in my sleep, doesn't help.

The other night I realized I was talking in my sleep. But, how did I know? The other night I dreamt that a Nuclear missile was heading for my home. Just as it landed, I became aware that Vinnie was licking my face. I always wake up at the good parts.

It's now 10 weeks since you left me. 20% of the year gone already. Is that right? 52 weeks in a year. 10 weeks = 5 x that amount. 20% nearly.  think its right. 5 weeks would be 5%. Yep. I am a mathematical genius. Who know?

My toe seems a little better today, mind you as soon as I said that, it started throbbing. (my toe, that is). That reminds me, In my dreams last night I had a quite impressive willy. Vey big. 

In reality, not so much. I think it stopped growing when I was 10. Anyway, not that I've had any complaints, (to my face), not that i ask for feedback. I haven't had many compliments. I think the closest thing to positive feedback to my dong is, "Really, Is that it?"

Feeling quite tired this morning. I had 7 and half hours in bed. I think that sometimes I just do too much in my dreams. Too active, so I wake up exhausted. Why can't I just dream about sitting down reading a book?

Any ways - that's enough of me. It's time to get me some breakfast. I feel pleased to be out of January and for some reason looking forward the days getting lighter. Always loved Spring time. See ya. xx

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