Eees owt ov ere

Yep. It's Saturday. The day has come when Loggie moves away from home and goes out into the big wide world. Imagine all the wonderful things he's going to experience? Rollercoasters, spaceships, Vampires, Disco's, floating in the dead sea, eating Caviar off a Lizards belly, playing poker in San Quinton, fixing the Popes moped, and maybe some strange stuff.

Who knows? So, a close friend of yours has chosen to take him on. I think Loggie will be very happy with her. I think he will love the attention. 

Now, Vinnie, on the other hand, is a little bit of a concern. I'm pretty certain he will miss his big friend immensely. The thing is, over the past 8 weeks, Vinnie has been a bit more ....... I'm trying to think of the word ....... NICE. He's actually been a bit more affectionate to me since Loggie arrived. In fact, I can't remember the last time, Vinnie stormed off, shouting : "Your not my real Dad!"

So, yeah. Gonna be unusual for a while, but it's all for the best. It's been hard trying to look after the 2 of them. I hope Vinnie doesn't pine for him.

Now Vin is wining under the desk. Either he wants to go out or is hungry, or just want to annoy me. He has succeeded. 

That's me for now. Take care. xxx

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