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Dear Luke
I'm now working on a new section of my website. It's based on a recent idea I started on the former patreon page. Its - " Quick Downloads". Basically each podcast you click on has all the recordings listed as number. Click on the number you want and a Download link appears. It's instant and easy, no need to put in your details. All downloads will include all versions of the recordings that are available. (without music, with music, 5 hours & 10 hours).
Oh yeah - the website is staying. I've had it nearly 20 years. I can' give up my baby. It's been through so many transformations over the years. (There is a Michael Jackson joke there somewhere.)
Anyway. Have a good day. I did start a new let me bore you to sleep podcast last night. Had to abort due to my neighbours doing some drilling, which caused an aggressive reaction in Vinny --- which caused an even angrier reaction in me. SO it was abandoned and I took the little one out for a walk and went to bed.
I spoke to your sis last night. I can't give content here, but she misses you so much. She says its like losing half her heart. Her other half. Almost like losing a twin. Its upsetting to hear how much she is suffering and being able to do anything about it. She reminds me of you, you are very similar personalities.
Haven't spoke to your dad since last week. I've still got your 2 paintings and waiting for your sister to pick them up. They are in the hallway. Last night one of them complained about the smell.
Vinny is doing ok. For the first week after Loggie left, he was a bit off his food. Now he's very much gobbling it all down. He is currently laying under the desk at my feet, waiting to be taken for a walk. 
I really miss boring you with info about my podcasts & website stuff. It was so funny how you pretending to show interest, as your eyes glazed over. I do think you were my biggest cheerleader. Even though you didn't really get what I was doing, you understood WHY? and that is something that not even my family gets. Their attitude is "Charity starts at home". Which is a stupid statement. Charity is not helping your close g=family and friends. That's just being a good family member or friend. To me, charity is helping people who I will never meet and not expecting anything in return. 
I think that is why I seem to back off every time I get close to trying to turn this thing into some kind of career or job. There is something in me that just wants this to be a giving thing that I do. That's why I have devoted nearly 20 years to it. I just want to help others. It's only thing that gives my life any kind of meaning. I'm not saying this to make myself look good. As you know.
If anyone knows I'm genuine, you do. You saw me doing this every day for 9 years. It's pretty much all I think and talk about. (other than the weather - I am English - It's compullsary). 
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