I found Jason’s voice very relaxing

In my constant research to find pain relief I researched into hypnosis.
Quite by chance I came across a website from a hypnotist called Jason Newland.
His hypnosis sessions are completely free and you can do the sessions on your computer or do what I did and download to an mp3 player if you have one. Like others have said hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone but I do recommend you give it a try………and best of all it won’t cost anything…….lol.
If it doesn’t help the pain it is still great for relaxation, something which we all need in our stressful and often painlives.
Jason has lots of different hypnosis sessions on his website. Keep an open mind. I tried a couple of other hypnotist’s sessions online but didn’t like the sound of their voices, I found Jason’s voice very relaxing.


Jason Newland