Even as I type this, I am laughing

Hi there! I recently wrote to you on YouTube.
Just have a quick question… I listen to your Whisper Hypnosis every night and for some reason, every time I start to relax I get the giggles! It doesn’t bother me as I ALWAYS fall asleep, it’s more annoying for my hubby who has suggested I sleep on the couch. Meanie! It only lasts a few minutes and usually I laugh about the comment you made about the Wally that suggested you say ‘focus on the tip of your cock’ . Even as I type this, I am laughing. Your reply was ‘I suspect you already are, does mummy know you’re using the Internet again?” What is wrong with me? Every time I think about it, I’m almost hysterical. Even my dog gives me strange looks?!
Thanks Jason!


Jason Newland