#153 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (6th October 2019)

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In “#153 Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis (Jason Newland) (6th October 2019)” we will be focusing on a limiting belief that is getting in the way of you sleeping, easily & naturally.
It will be something that you say to yourself and maybe to others. An example would be “I am an insomniac” or “It takes me ages to get to sleep”.
You will be imagining bending a piece of metal which has that limited belief written on it. I guide you through the process of breaking this negative belief that you held before you started to listen to this recording. You will also continue to relax and feel incredibly tired whilst listening to this, as well as enjoying the feelings you experience as the new positive belief enters your changing mind.
Thanks for listening. Please remember to be kind to yourself, because you deserve to be happy. Lots of love. Jason x

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